6 Oct 2013

Time flys

Where has the year gone?! It's only two months until Christmas, then goodbye 2013... Time fly's when your having fun. I hope everyone has had a great year thus far and if you haven't don't worry there is still time to change it! Be Brave and step out of your comfort zone...

Since September I have started a new job at Review (it is the best, I love it). But recently I have been so distracted with what I was/am set out to do - so I thought to take sometime out to do a list; just to remind myself what I actually want to achieve, because 2 months ago I was just relaxing enjoying life (but it didn't really get me anywhere...)

Here we are at the time being ~

  1.  Travel around - go to as many places as I can before I get older
  2. Be positive -  about life, be out there, take more chances, about my body
  3. Eat healthier - one bad food isn't going throw me off balance
  4. Study - do something that will get me somewhere, I will be happy with, and
  5. I won't fear

Basically I wanted to have something in writting to at least remind myself of "Hey, are you doing this? Or what you should be doing more of". I hope you all are making the most of 2013!

Anyways I hope you all have a chilled Sunday and hope everything is fine and dandy.  

Love Kathy xxx

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