28 Dec 2013

The possibilities

Christmas is in the mere past, bring on 2014! Over the year I've wanted to pack up my things and just venture out into the unknown, to explore and see what the world has to offer this particular 19 year old... However since I didn't get to travel in 2013, I will make all of my goals come true in 2014.

Christmas 2013

Christmas is a time to celebrate with the loved ones. Also the time to splurge on scrumptious food and gain a food baby. Don't worry there is always a New Year approaching and that's why we make New Years resolutions...


22 Dec 2013

Brisbane's 3 stories high TOPSHOP

It's better late than never! The time has finally arrived, Brisbane has been gifted with a TOPSHOP on the corner of Albert & Elizabeth Street, where Borders once stood. It opened on the 5th December (140 Albert Street to be exact).

Goodbye savings, hello brand new outfits!

I am so glad they opened a TOPSHOP in Brisbane, a 3 story to be exact! No more online shopping for us Brisbane girls and guys or even contemplating whether or not you ordered the correct size. 
Topshop Brisbane will also be offering a free personal shopping service. When you enter a Topshop it feels like you're in a whole another world, with awe and amazement - just like child opening their first Christmas present, or an adult test driving their brand new car.

Without further ado, why not show you a couple outfits I would love to have in my closet!

My sister and I took a photo for their TOPSHOP giveaway and popped it onto Instagram for all to see.

Lace Back Playsuit
High Neck Stripe Crop Top (I wouldn't mind the skirt either!) 

Who wouldn't love a set of Topshop makeup. I know I wouldn't complain! :)

I hope everyone will have a great week and A MERRRYYYY CHRISTMASSS!

God Bless
Love Kathy 


Christmas Gifts Under $60


If you're not that fond of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas crowds (I know I'm not), you could easily do some online shopping. The only downside to online shopping is 'when is it going to get here' dilemma.

 So what are you waiting for?


9 Dec 2013

Christmas Gifts for HIM

The time has come to pick out those gifts for HIM. It can be easy or it can be hard, I definitely find it hard finding that perfect gift for a guy, especially when my family is mostly built up with females!

So this year I thought to think outside the box - who doesn't like a surprise once in a while.

Play It Cool

Beautiful Soul

Next week I'll be posting an Under $50 gift guide, so don't fret. You could definitely find something for your 'Secret Santa.' 

Love Kathy 

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