16 Jul 2016

Boost your confidence with Fashion


If you're making these mistakes, it's time to reevaluate the way you think about how you wear your clothes, what's your personal style, what brands fit and cater to your particular size. Fashion should give you confidence, it should make you feel great inside and out. 

I have made a list below what you should and shouldn't do because it's quite easy to use these tips to cater to your everyday wardrobe.


1. Don't ever leave the house with a piece of clothing you don't feel comfortable in and you don't feel 100 percent in. I always use this, if in doubt, go without! ALWAYS. Life's too short to wear that item that you don't like, life's short to work at a job you don't enjoy or eat those foods you just absolutely hate. If you don't feel comfortable the that particular outfit, simply don't wear it because chances are you will either pick at that certain thing and it'll just ruin your mood/day.

2. It's so important to tailor to your size/fit. Hem your dresses or skirts to the length that fits your body and definitely find a pair of jeans that suits your body type perfectly, tailoring can be your best friend. Not all clothing brands will cater to your body shape so always be on the look out for brands that will boost your confidence. 

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