19 May 2014


Hi everyone!

Here is my AUTUMN LOOK BOOK - Hope you enjoy! :)
Don't forget to leave a comment or like button if you'd like me to have a Winter or Spring lookbook in the future; it was so much fun filming this!
Ps. This is my first (of many) look book - thank you to my sister Nicky who helped film it all!!
Oh also, if you want more details on where I got specific items from, just comment below and I'll get back to you.

Have a great week

Love Kathy x


18 May 2014

Get to know me

It's a chilly sunday night, why not share a few things about me, if you didn't know already ~


I am a fan of Michael Buble.
I could play Coldplay non-stop!
My favourite colour, if you haven't guessed it already is... GREEN!
I am shy but will be loud and random once I feel comfortable with you :)
Birds are weird.
My way to relax either get out n' about in nature or sit back feet up and watch great movies!
Right handed
I would love to see Justin Timberlake in concert!!
Giraffes are cool :)
I like being artistic

I love people with a sense of humor - must have
 Love Actually is a pretty decent movie!


...Now at least you have some idea of what makes me,me. 

Leave in the comments below, what are a few random things that make you, you! 

Love Kathy x


11 May 2014

Forget Me Not

Sun shining but super windy in Brisbane lately, but can't complain. I am super glad it wasn't raining or super cold; major plus, living in the Sunshine State! I am wearing this Forget Me Not PepperMayo goodie with disco pants and a jacket to keep me warm. Hey, what can I say when it comes to the cold, I become a whiny child.  I wanted to style the top in a more classic/ dressier way, rather than pairing it with a feminine skirt - maybe one day I'll pair it with a skirt.

My top is from Peppermayo Clothing. Peppermayo is coming out with amazing new arrivals, they are killing it with beautiful pieces that are affordable / giving you value for money. I believe you don't have to spend a crazy amount of money to look good!

This top is amazing, I am super happy I bought it and you can find it for purchase here. I am wearing a size 12 yet I think I could of gone down to a size 10 depending which bra I had on haha. This top is comfortable, stylish and exactly what I've wanted for a while now! This top will definitely give you a stylish look for a day or night out. Just throw on a fluffy jumper/vest to keep you warm in the winter chill, or you can wear it like this or switch the disco pants for a flirty skirt!

These disco pants, I was lucky to find in a boutique Melrose in Westfield last winter, this is a definitely a good staple, no matter what season it is/ day or night. You can find a few similar here, here or here. You can never go wrong with a clutch, I found the Pia Clutch at Colette - I can fit so much things in it and I picked the black with cream panels over the cream with gold, as it matches everything. A must have staple ladies!!

Now these shoes, these babies were a bargain!! I could not believe that these were on special for $15 yes, $15 instead of $129 - I had to take them there was no question about it! I found them a couple of months ago (full price) and I fell in love, so I was super amazed at the price - the brand is Windsor Smith and I purchased them from the DFO at the Airport.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend so far - I wish all the Mother’s in the world a happy Mother’s Day for tomorrow!  Happy Saturday.

Until next time, 
Kathy x

7 May 2014

Such a powerful song

[ This song ]

This week I will trust in you more than ever. 
Everything is going to be alright :)
I will call upon your name, keep my eyes above the waves when things get tough, when I am in need of guidance. I am yours and you are mine ~ Wherever you would call me.
My faith will be made stronger in the presence of my saviour.

So true and empowering -
Love some more.
You are uniquely you, you are loved and are special. Never forget how worthy you are!

I am reminded by His grace, His unconditional love & how much I matter to Him. ♥



Be you. ♥

Live a life you're proud of, be strong enough to say no to the things which bring you down and bring negativity into your Life. Live a life that empowers others and encourages others to be better and do better.

I am who I am, for a while now I've been hesitant with taking a step toward a better me but in saying that I am taking baby steps on where I can improve... Fitness, reading more, study more, eat healthier, earn more money and travel quiet alot. "Strength! Courage! Don't be timid; don't get discouraged. God, your God is with you every step you take."
I know at some stage I will take the metaphorical leap and just jump straight into the unknown but with God guiding me, who knows what will happen; it will all take time to unfold. For now, it's important to love and appreciate the person you are today, the body you're in today, the amazing people in your life supporting you.

Today I choose to be confident in who I am now and the amazing things that will follow ~


Snug as a Bug

I don't know how people in Europe or in USA can stand their winter. I know it would take me some time to gettin' used to! I'd rather stay home all day in my pj's, doona and a cup of tea or hot chocolate, watch movies all day...
It's not even winter yet and I'm complaining how cold it is -

I am a sun baby not a winter bub haha :)
Hoping to have some autumn/winter lookbook out very soon!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. 


Disclaimer: not my photo.
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