11 May 2014

Forget Me Not

Sun shining but super windy in Brisbane lately, but can't complain. I am super glad it wasn't raining or super cold; major plus, living in the Sunshine State! I am wearing this Forget Me Not PepperMayo goodie with disco pants and a jacket to keep me warm. Hey, what can I say when it comes to the cold, I become a whiny child.  I wanted to style the top in a more classic/ dressier way, rather than pairing it with a feminine skirt - maybe one day I'll pair it with a skirt.

My top is from Peppermayo Clothing. Peppermayo is coming out with amazing new arrivals, they are killing it with beautiful pieces that are affordable / giving you value for money. I believe you don't have to spend a crazy amount of money to look good!

This top is amazing, I am super happy I bought it and you can find it for purchase here. I am wearing a size 12 yet I think I could of gone down to a size 10 depending which bra I had on haha. This top is comfortable, stylish and exactly what I've wanted for a while now! This top will definitely give you a stylish look for a day or night out. Just throw on a fluffy jumper/vest to keep you warm in the winter chill, or you can wear it like this or switch the disco pants for a flirty skirt!

These disco pants, I was lucky to find in a boutique Melrose in Westfield last winter, this is a definitely a good staple, no matter what season it is/ day or night. You can find a few similar here, here or here. You can never go wrong with a clutch, I found the Pia Clutch at Colette - I can fit so much things in it and I picked the black with cream panels over the cream with gold, as it matches everything. A must have staple ladies!!

Now these shoes, these babies were a bargain!! I could not believe that these were on special for $15 yes, $15 instead of $129 - I had to take them there was no question about it! I found them a couple of months ago (full price) and I fell in love, so I was super amazed at the price - the brand is Windsor Smith and I purchased them from the DFO at the Airport.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend so far - I wish all the Mother’s in the world a happy Mother’s Day for tomorrow!  Happy Saturday.

Until next time, 
Kathy x

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