7 May 2014


Be you. ♥

Live a life you're proud of, be strong enough to say no to the things which bring you down and bring negativity into your Life. Live a life that empowers others and encourages others to be better and do better.

I am who I am, for a while now I've been hesitant with taking a step toward a better me but in saying that I am taking baby steps on where I can improve... Fitness, reading more, study more, eat healthier, earn more money and travel quiet alot. "Strength! Courage! Don't be timid; don't get discouraged. God, your God is with you every step you take."
I know at some stage I will take the metaphorical leap and just jump straight into the unknown but with God guiding me, who knows what will happen; it will all take time to unfold. For now, it's important to love and appreciate the person you are today, the body you're in today, the amazing people in your life supporting you.

Today I choose to be confident in who I am now and the amazing things that will follow ~


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