25 Dec 2016

What I received for Christmas 2016


I wanted to share with you what I received for Christmas this year - with no intention to brag / show off. I like seeing what people receive and thought I might give it a go this year.

I had no idea what I would like to receive this Christmas because just after my trip to New York with my sister I had to get straight into work mode and in a blink of an eye it was already December and with December Christmas was fast approaching. You see my dilemma.  So I put a little list together of a few items I would like to receive and gave it to my family... I didn't expect to receive much of these items, regardless I am so soooo grateful to my family and friends who have given me these gifts!

1. GIFTCARDS- Definitely a good idea come Boxing Day!!
2. LUSH BATH BOMBS ( Candy Mountain & Granny takes a Dip ) - they smell amazing!
3. TANYA BAKES BOOK - I've wanted this book since Tanya mentioned she had one coming out, cannot wait to create those recipes
4. 'You're my Cup of Tea'  FROM KMART- super cute! (funny that I wanted to get myself this when I saw it in the store whilst I was hunting for other Christmas presents)

5. 2017 'TYPO' CALENDAR -  you get to save a % off on Typo's items each new month - yes please!

6. LITTLE MIX CONCERT TICKETS!!! I am beyond thankful that my sister and I get to go see Little Mix - she knows me too well :)

7. MECCA - a gift card  that I can buy whatever I want without touching my bank account, oh and lotion

Let me know in the comments below what did you receive for Christmas?
Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy new year!!


7 Dec 2016

Fitness Wishlist this Christmas

Who doesn't love new workout clothes, I know I do. This is a perfect time to put together a few goodies from Lorna Jane that would make your sister, mum, girlfriend, friend happier this Christmas (no not hinting that they should get fit but this is another way to say treat yourself with fabulous workout wear!)


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