27 Apr 2014

Helium Fun with my sister Nicky


25 Apr 2014

Climb For Cancer

Hello everyone!

On Sunday 25 May, I'm going to climb 810 stairs and 37 floors to raise funds for cancer research at Mater. This will be an Australian fundraising event!

The annual Climb for Cancer stair race will be a personal challenge but one that can have a great impact on the lives of others.

The event is funding 6 important cancer research projects at Mater and I would very much appreciate it if you could donate in support of my efforts. Please click on my fundraising page link to make a donation https://climbforcancer2014.everydayhero.com/au/kathlyn

If you are interested in joining my fight against cancer check out the website www.climbforcancer.org.au

Thanks in advance for your support!

Love Kathy x

19 Apr 2014

It's Detox Time

Easter weekend has come and gone. Chocolate lovers have over indulged - or you can never have enough chocolate some might say, but we don't love the effect it has on our skin. If you have over-indulged this weekend, like me, it's a great time to give your skin and body some T.L.C.

Today's post, will be an update of what I do to keep my skin/body healthy and showing it some T.L.C.

5 easy steps to great looking skin.

Get a clean fresh start.
I had to change my facial routine,
to a low foaming facial cleanser.
I can't believe I didn't try CLINQUE skincare range before!
I love this facial soap, as it
doesn't damage my skin andleaves it soft and ready for Step 2.


Purify your pores.

I use the Clarifying lotion after I have
cleansed my face - it leaves my face feeling fresh/ healthy glow as well as taking away the excess oil.

Revitalise your face.
To finish off the 3 Step CLINQUE Skin routine, I go for my trusty CLINQUE Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel - this bad boy works wonders for my skin, as it is a gel base which doesn't leave my face oily, like other moisturizers I've used in the past.

On occasions, I use a spot treatment from CLINQUE to help tackle those hard to get rid of spots that pop up once in a while - I see a massive improvement in my skin; I have a sample bottle as I don't need the actual bottle as I was weary of trying new products, but when I do run out, that's when I'll get the actual product.
Find it here

Why not state the obvious, sure drink as much water as you like, but why not try adding a squirt of lemon to your glass - the antioxidant properties will help repair your skin and will taste great; it's a win/win. 

Hope everyone is had a great Easter break! Leave a comment below what did you get up to on the Easter break?

Until next time, 
Kathy x

14 Apr 2014

Lush Livin'


So recently I went to LUSH + got given a few LUSH goodies for my birthday last Monday! So I thought why not share it with you all and vice versa - sharing is caring!

Let's start with my favourite one... for now; which is - 

The Comforter Bubble Bar.

This little gem well actually it isn't really that small compared to the other ones I was given but anyways, this one is perfect for when you're feeling under the weather and need a pick me up, break a bit off run it under warm water and you'll be wrapped in a big blanket of comfort bubbles! The smell is delicious aswell! I love to keep this one in my bathroom to give it the smell of the fruity blackcurrent zing!

Floating Island Bath Melt
The Floating Island Bath Melt will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, like you've been away on a spa holiday feeling so relaxed not wanting to come back to reality (work)! A must have bath, if you want to have a stress-free holiday with the combination of lemon and sandalwood who wouldn't bathe in this goodness!

Tisty Tosty Bath Ballistic

Tisty Tosty just melts your heart (pun intended haha) I have not tried this one just yet, as I got given this as a Birthday present but I am working my way to it; as it is just too adorable to melt away!! By the description of it, I can not wait to be wooed by the roses and orris roots, light a few candles have a tea and a delicious book/movie by your side and you're set for a romantic me-time.
Ps. This would be ideal to give to someone you LOVE <3

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

Last but not least of many, this mystical bath bomb. Definitely try saying sex bomb bath bomb 5x now that's a tad tricky haha! I've left this one to last, as I can not wait to try this one, with warming love scents, you'll definitely be buying more of this baby shortly!

Leave in the comments which are your favourite LUSH products? :)

Love Kathy


4 Apr 2014

The TeaTox Craze

Hi everybody,

I have thought about trying out a "TeaTox" as it has been talked about over social media excessively for the past 6 months or so. This will be my own personal opinion and why I've chosen to go with this particular "brand" rather than another one.


3 Apr 2014

Christina Perri - Human [Official Video]


25 Facts about me

Hi everyone,

Why not share a few random facts about ME :)
1. I rather dogs over cats
2. Arm pits and feet make me cringe so much!
3. I'd rather action movies than rom/com (but don't get me wrong if there is a adorable/really good one on then I'll definitely watch it)
4. I enjoy wearing bright colours - but I do mostly mix it up with a perfect black outfit now and then
5. I am the middle child of three beautiful sisters!
6. I use to play touch football and soccer
7. I'm not a patient person...
8. Twix are my favourite kind of chocolate
9. I prefer Spring then the rest of the seasons.. With that being said, I don't like having hay fever at the start - that's something I would definitely change.
10. I love food - mostly pizza, spaghetti nomnomnom
(moderation is key)
11. I have a relationship with Jesus - not religion.
12. I haven't seen snow before
13. I don't like the thought of being on a roller coaster/those crazy rides either.
14. Favourite parfum would have to be Vera Wang princess at the moment
15. I would like to speak 5 different languages - Go big or Go home right!
16. I'm not that fond of ice-cream
17. I want to learn how to skate and surf
18. I'd rather paraglide than skydive
19. I love being creative; visual art, music, being creative makes me happy.
20. I love Sushi
21. Favourite colour is green
22. I enjoy my sleep - if I don't get enough I would be a cranky bum in the morning.
23. I do not own a kangaroo and we certainly don't “Throw a shrimp on the barbaayyy!”
(if you're not from Australia, you'll probably think we do haha)
24. I love Giraffes  (it's ironic, as I am quiet short yet I love the tallest animal.
25. I have always had a taste of adventure, since I was little; I don't particularly like being in one place for too long - wanderlust as they call it.
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