19 Apr 2014

It's Detox Time

Easter weekend has come and gone. Chocolate lovers have over indulged - or you can never have enough chocolate some might say, but we don't love the effect it has on our skin. If you have over-indulged this weekend, like me, it's a great time to give your skin and body some T.L.C.

Today's post, will be an update of what I do to keep my skin/body healthy and showing it some T.L.C.

5 easy steps to great looking skin.

Get a clean fresh start.
I had to change my facial routine,
to a low foaming facial cleanser.
I can't believe I didn't try CLINQUE skincare range before!
I love this facial soap, as it
doesn't damage my skin andleaves it soft and ready for Step 2.


Purify your pores.

I use the Clarifying lotion after I have
cleansed my face - it leaves my face feeling fresh/ healthy glow as well as taking away the excess oil.

Revitalise your face.
To finish off the 3 Step CLINQUE Skin routine, I go for my trusty CLINQUE Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel - this bad boy works wonders for my skin, as it is a gel base which doesn't leave my face oily, like other moisturizers I've used in the past.

On occasions, I use a spot treatment from CLINQUE to help tackle those hard to get rid of spots that pop up once in a while - I see a massive improvement in my skin; I have a sample bottle as I don't need the actual bottle as I was weary of trying new products, but when I do run out, that's when I'll get the actual product.
Find it here

Why not state the obvious, sure drink as much water as you like, but why not try adding a squirt of lemon to your glass - the antioxidant properties will help repair your skin and will taste great; it's a win/win. 

Hope everyone is had a great Easter break! Leave a comment below what did you get up to on the Easter break?

Until next time, 
Kathy x

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