29 Sep 2014

The Perfect Spring Dress

I think I have found it. The perfect Spring dress! This is hands down my favourite colour for this season, it's a beautiful cloudy blue colour. (I will be uploading another post with similar colours - so keep your eyes peeled). Spring can be a bit funny with rain, shine, storm or bright sunny day.

I was so excited to have found this dress. There is something about the texture of this dress that makes me feel all bubbly inside. I wore nude kitten heels and a nude clutch/ shoulder bag to keep the emphasis on the beautiful dress. I didn't need a jacket or cardigan, as the weather today was absolutely marvelous. Cheers Brisbane! My makeup and hair are kept simple (I will be uploading a post on my new makeup and go-to hair styles sometime soon).  On my nails, I thought to go for Revlon's new bright contrast orange colour.

I kept jewellery to a minimum because the dress is the statement piece. I am over the moon, that Australia is in Spring time, to see lovely bright flowers, beautiful sunny weather, relaxing on the beach and having BBQ's with friends plus so much more! So glad Winter is over.

Finding the perfect Spring dress might be tricky. You don't want something to resemble Summer straight off the bat or you don't want something resembling Winter either. The material of this dress is so soft and fluffy like a marshmallow! Since getting it in the post, I have been stroking the fluffiness - I love it! Couldn't be more happy. All thanks to ASOS.

Thanks to my sis for these lovely photos :)
What's the weather like where you are?

Love Kathy x

23 Sep 2014

REVIEW: The Frank Effect



If you haven't heard or seen frank body scrub, then where have you been living? Off instagram that's for sure! I received my Frank Body scrub 2 weeks ago and boy oh boy do I love it! I have used it 3 times since getting it. 

Frank is a 'coffee scrub with minerals and essential oils for smooth, supple skin, and antioxidants to treat dry skin, stretch marks, scars, and acne’. I purchased two 200g packs of tough love, as I couldn't decide on which one I wanted more, so I bought two and definitely will be purchasing more! Frank had me at "Hey Babe".

I ordered the Original frank body scrub and the coconut & grapeseed scrub. The website recommends you to scrub 1-2 scrubs a week. Yet so far I don't use it every week. I use it 1-2 times one week then skip the next week then go back to using it the following week, it depends on how I feel really. You only need about two small handfuls to cover your body. I use the scrub whilst I'm in the shower, I rinse my body then apply the scrub and massage it into my skin, let it dry for about 5 - 7 minutes then I rinse off! Make sure to keep the scrub on you for at least 5 minutes to dry so it can have the frank effect (get it). Although my bathroom usually smells like a cafe after a scrub (it doesn't bother my sister too much - oh and do not eat it) just open the windows for your neighbours to smell. I couldn't wait to write this review, a true honest one! 

After using it for the first time, I have felt a noticeable difference in my skin. It felt smoother, softer which is fabulous! Frank scrubbed away the dry dead skin and I don't mind the smell of coffee. For more information about the scrub, their website covers your questions.

 If you live in Australia, it is only $14.95 for the original and $17.95 for the coconut & grapseed scrub. Definitely worth it! I don't know why I have not tried it sooner. I hope you all have the pleasure of scrubbing with Frank in the future. If you have, what are your thoughts, I'd be interested to know! 

I was having a rotten day, so I got out my LUSH goodies and Frank body scrub to scrub my stress away :)

♥ Kathy 


14 Sep 2014

NEW VIDEO: Closet Confidential TAG

Hello lovely people of the internet!

I have made a new video which is LIVE on my youtube channel why not check it out :)
Here or click the photo xx 

 youtube channel

Love Kathy x


8 Sep 2014


Hello beautiful people,

Although it's the 2nd week of September I think it is still rather okay to post my last months favourites, don't ya think? August was my month for everything beauty related! As you can see it's a bit of everything. Most of these are ones I've wanted to try for so long that I decided to pull my socks up and buy them!!

2 Sep 2014


Hello lovely people!
Finally my monochrome look book video has been uploaded, talk about what feels like forever!!I've got so many ideas in my journal that it is taking time to get them done, edited and to upload - I am really excited to get all my content out there :D
So don't forget to Subscribe

Enjoy! xx
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