28 Aug 2013

Abundant August

Hello everyone!

This past month has been one amusing roller coaster, nevertheless it is great to finally see the end of the ride!! Although it hasn't been too hectic like some peoples calenders... My calender went something like this; Three different dentist appointments (one including all 4 wisdom teeth being taken out, Ouch I know!), getting my car serviced, the Ekka and also not having internet for the last week... So I guess that's why I haven't posted what is up, but I'm back! :) 


5 Aug 2013

My Skincare Rountine

Hi everybody, I hope you're having a great day!

Alright so I know skincare can be tricky, especially when hormones start to kick in. Growing up was a pain in the butt, when it came to choosing the right product for the right skin type; I didn't know what was my skin type, how/which products would work best etc. So I went with my mum to figure out with creams, cleansers or exfoliators worked best for me - when I was going through my teens I had bad acne marks on my forehead!! Sometimes I am a picker and a popper - which you should never do! For me it's just a habit. Gross, I know, but since I found the Garnier 3 in 1 (Cleanser + Mask + Scrub) that works perfectly to get rid of my problem areas and scars. Yay!! I have used this product for over 5 months now, and I love it so much. Why not give it a go, if you have combination/oily skin.

For moisturizing my face, I use an organic cream that sooths my face, and works to get rid of acne - well it works wonders on my face, as I definitely don't have much acne as before, except for the occasional pimple here and there - but not to worry I have handy facial regime to keep them away haha...

Third on my list are my Biore makeup wipes - these are great for taking off your makeup off whilst cleansing your face (but don't forget to use your cleanser aswell) and is very moisturizing.

Now onto my Cucumber Peel-Off Mask - this has recently been used so much this past month, as I broke out quite alot around my cheeks; and boy were they painful, so once I used this it took about a couple of days until they they disappeared, whilst using Garnier Pure 3 in 1. So I definitely recommend face masks, especially the smell of cucumber!

Lastly my Clairns Very Dry Skin sample tube from Myer; this has been amazing on my skin, especially around my nose and forehead - thank you very much winter for drying my skin. But this lotion has done wonders on my skin, and I'm hoping to someday grab the bigger tub but maybe next winter. I have never needed to change my moisturizer in winter, but I since it has been so cold this winter, I definitely had to find something amazing... If you're skin is dry, what lotions do you use? I'd love to try them out.

1) Biore Makeup removing wipes - Priceline $8.95
2) Sukin Facial Moisturizer - Priceline $9.99
3) Garnier Pure 3 in 1 (Cleanser + Scrub + Mask) - Priceline $15.45
4) Cucumber Peel-Off Mask - Target $6.99
5) Clairns Very Dry Skin Moisturizer - Myer, it was a sample

So that is it loveys. All of these products work for me, so why not give them a try and let me know.
I'd also love to know what skincare products you use and I hope if you're looking for some skincare products that these helped.  

Once again have an awesome day!

Ps. All thoughts/opinions are as always, my own.

Love Kathy 

Style Icon: Jessica Alba

Hey Dolls,

So I don't know if I mentioned this before but, I love Jessica Alba's style. She is super trendy, really laid back and whatever she wears she always looks nice and effortless! I would love to have her wardrobe... Plus she is a mum - and no she doesn't wear baggy clothing, she still wears superb outfits even if they are just casual.

Anyways, I thought to do a little post on Jessica Alba as she is one of my style icons, leave a comment below who is YOUR style icons :)


Love Kathy


2 Aug 2013

Job Interviews | How, What, When, Why

Hey everyone, so you've made it!

 All that hoping and praying to get the job that you truly want have been answered... 
So you've been waiting for an interview and you finally got that response call/ email; now all you need is an outfit that will justify your personality and work ethic... Trust me this is nerve racking, not knowing what to wear, so many questions to be answered, do I wear this to the interview? Is this too short? Is this appropriate?

Calm down and Prepare. 
I hope by writing this blog you will have an idea what to wear without looking too over the top and hopefully make a good impression that will get you the job! Depending on what job you want, there a few steps to consider... But for me personally I would love a career in retail and fashion; to be specific a fashion stylist would be ideal...

First things first, once you've found out the time, date, and place of the meeting, sort out how you will get there - you surely do not want to be late, or have trouble finding the place (this is if the interview is at another store).

Secondly, don't forget to bring your resume and covering letter (if you have one) to the interview - this means that you are organized and prepared just incase the interviewer isn't (probably unlikely).

Thirdly, definitely do some research on the business you've applied for, this will help you alot with answering questions down the track, [refer to examples below] but also do check out the store to see how the staff behave/act towards customers or even talk to someone who works there.

Lastly number four. Practise!
 This will boost your confidence, calm your nerves and give you an idea on how to answer questions plus get tips from your family/friends. Incase a question comes into the conversation you will be able to answer it with ease.

Outfit Ideas: From head to toe

This part can be stressful, fun, exciting or easy depending who you are and how much experience you've had at job interviews... This is where the interviewer wants to see your personality, but still dress appropriate. Depending what the job is, you'll have something in your wardrobe that will hopefully fit for a job interview. For instance, go for blazers, a button-down blouse and black pants (that fit well) - these ones are your safe bet, whilst still looking presentable. Choosing an outfit for an interview doesn't always have to be monochrome, you can still add a little colour to spice up your outfit. How about a cardigan, thin belt or possibly a statement necklace - these will make the outfit a bit more interesting.When it comes to shoes, choose a little wedge heel or flats - never sandals! Hairdo - keep this simple, a ponytail (hair tucked behind the ears) will do or even be a bunhead.

Appearance is important!

  • Try not to look grubby. 
  • Hair, nails and clothes should be presentable.
  • Don't overdo the makeup and no dark/neon lipstick - keep it simple, nude coloured lips!
  • Don't expose cleavage, straps, stomach - if your top is see through wear a singlet or change tops
  • Don't wear a mini-skirt/short dress that shows too much leg or bottom - you never know who wears what
  • Shoes - sandals, thongs and your clubbing heels are a NO GO!

Here are three outfits I would wear to a job interview...

1) Top - Target
Pants - Forever New
Bag - Sportsgirl
2) Top - Forever New
Pants - From a friend
Boots - Valleygirl
Necklace - Colette

3) Blazer - Temt
Top - Universal
Pants - Melrose ave
Boots - Valleygirl

Also, I thought to write down two example question's I came across whilst applying for a job.

  • I love fashion because I can incorporate my personality and mood through my particular style. My personal style would be eclectic, edgy and classy. My fashion icons are...
 Why do you want to work here? Possible example:
  •  I would like to work for [store], because I know I will do my best to keep the customers satisfied with getting the latest look, for whatever occasion. I also would love to work with [store] as I can see myself being a good representative and my personality suits the clothing.

Oh and if you didn't know, I post videos on Youtube and I just did one on Job Interview outfits!
So if you're stuck, check it out and I hope it'll help; if not, leave a comment
and I'll do another one in more detail.  With these tips I hope you have a rough idea on what to wear and how to answer questions. Good luck and I hope you get the job!

Ps. Sorry that this is a tad long but don't forget to smile, be cheery, positive and look interested.

Love Kathy

Photo Disclaimer: I do not own these photosets, but all opinions are my own.


1 Aug 2013

Keep on Tumblin'

Tumbl away guys!
Basically tumblr is a site where you "love" photos, sayings, gifs etc.
you can reblog them too... Just all kinds of goodness...
I love it because there is a variety on it, people will post WHATEVER AND ANYTHING REALLY!


Ps. Oh please comment if you have one, and I'll surely check it out :)

I hope you are having a great day, love you all ! byeeeeeee x
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