28 Feb 2015


In life we never want to let go of things that have made us once laugh, made us feel on top of the world or make us reminisce on a memories. We are so accustom to the "item/s" that when the time is to let them go for (even better things) we don't trust God's will for us. We have to put our faith into our Father who is there to protect us, heal us, love us and more by doing what is right by His will and we have to trust. Things might not be seen as the best thing for us in the present, but just you wait, once you put your trust in God amazing thingds start to happen. 

I am thankful for how many things have come my way and can not wait for what God has install for me in the future. In highschool, teachers would ask "what do you want to do when you grow up/ leave school?" I had no answer to give them. I felt embarrassed as my classmates would have their minds set... Now I look back on it, I am not worried what/ how my future will look like, as long as I have God and Faith, I am set. 

 "You know you can count on me like, one, two, three I'll be there. I know when I need it, I can count on you like four, three, two. You'll be there. 'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do."

This song 'Count on Me by Bruno Mars' speaks clearly that God will always be there for you, me, mothers, uncles, the person who stops by your store every 2nd day, or your great great granddaughters pet duck. You get the point. 

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend wherever you are. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.


24 Feb 2015


This year I have been paying so much attention to my health and fitness more than ever. Although I have been a 'fitness girl' since I was younger and eating whatever I could until the age of 14 (until my metabolism began to slow down) and I took it for granted.  The reason I want to focus on my health and fitness is to be the best I can be, to be confident and comfortable in my body, when it comes to wearing a nice outfit/ or taking a trip to the beach (I don't want to suck in, to pretend I have abs - I want to feel better on the inside and out). 

1) Planning and Setting Goals

When it comes to planning anything - visualise where you see yourself, write it down and have a clear goal in mind and train towards that goal. I don't track my progress on scales (as muscle weighs a lot more than fat) as it tends to put off anyone's self-esteem. Goal setting and progress photos is really important, it gives you something to work toward but also give you a chance to see how far you have come.

2) Eating healthy

When it comes to food, what you have in your kitchen will impact your fitness results. Unfortunately I can not indulge what I am used to, but that doesn't mean I have to cut out things completely - there's no fun in that! What I like to do is cut down on my portions, not to have fatty fried food (if I do have a treat, only a small amount) I also find if I have bread/ pasta / rice/ potato I'll definitely feel sluggish after a while. More protein the better. Every morning I try to have a 1 L of water and a green tea (this helps to cleanse my insides so I am ready to eat all the goodness, nature has to offer). Juices and smoothies are key and a perfect substitute for a meal, when you don't have time or not feeling too hungry. 

3) Exercise

This is my favourite bit, to most people this must be a drain to have the motivation to workout (sometimes I will lack in motivation myself, so I know how it feels) but honestly, you only have to do at least 30-45 minutes of exercise x amount of times a week. I try to maintain 3-4 times a week, either at the gym or going for walks with my sister and dog (whatever I feel like at the time). I decided to join a gym because if I am paying for it - I will have the persistence to keep at it otherwise it is a waste. Going to the gym is totally fine by me I get a whole range of equipment to use, classes I can choose from (body pump, yoga, pilates, body attack and much more) if you join a gym with you're  friends which is twice as fun and gives you the motivational boost to keep going!!

Recently I have been doing all ranges of workouts:

Plank (30 sec)
Sit ups
Russian Twists
Mountain Climbers


Skipping Rope
Cross-trainer (I love this!)

PS. Video will be uploaded sometime this week - keep an eye out!

Kathy x

23 Feb 2015


Perfect day for the beach - waves meeting the sand, sun shining, food just around the corner!
The drive to the beach was filled with doubt whether or not it was going to stay sunny once we arrived. But it wasn't too overcast for us not to have fun!! 
The sand sizzling our feet, the ocean filled with families, seagulls soaring around. It's a great feeling to live not so far away from the beautiful beaches!!

Leave in the comments below if you live close to the beach? And I would love to know what do you enjoy about the beach?

Kathy x

21 Feb 2015

Princess Polly Wishlist

What are your thoughts? Too many to choose from!

Basic Wardrobe Staples |

Hello everyone of the internet :)

This has been one of my videos that I've been wanting to do foreverrrrr! And finally it's here.
I hope you all are well. Right now it's currently pouring down rain (a cyclone up north brought heaps of rain/wind down south, in saying that I hope everyone is safe!!)

Leave in the comments below, what you want me to film next.


11 Feb 2015

Valentine's Day Treat

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and since I don't have a boo/ a boyfriend/ a guy I'm seeing... My sister and I had a little picnic in the park to celebrate life and take a few snaps with these little ballons! So cute I know. I hope everyone will have a blissful Valentine's Day (although I will be working on V-Day) and show boyfriend/ girlfriend as well as each and everyone that you love them!

Kathy x


8 Feb 2015

Falling For You | DAILYLOOK | The little black dress

Hi my loves,

I hope you are all well and have had a splendid weekend. 
The second week of february can be daunting, fun, relaxing, exciting or a whole bunch of emotions rolled into one. But as you and I know on the 14th of February there is a Day called 
V-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e-s Day.

I had a little squiz (a little peak) on the DAILYLOOK website to find the perfect little black dress for Valentines Day or to add to my forever expanding wardrobe and this is what I have found (1 of many I wish like to have). 
This irresistible Cameo dress is designed with a simple little twist, which reveals some leg but not too much as it still keeps this LBD classy and flirtatious

Complete your gorgeous dress with a bold lippy, gold bracelet, either black shoes with gold detailing/ or a bold pop of colour to match your lipstick and if the night gets a tad chilly throw on a leather jacket - still keeping the outfit chic and fabulous!

For more inspiration you definitely have to check out DAILYLOOK's Little Black Dresses.

Outfit Details -

Little Black Dress: Cameo the falling dress
Leather Jacket:  DOMA Leather Moto Jacket

Love to hear your plans for Valentine's Day either with you boo, girls night out or a date with yourself, leave in the comments below :)



6 Feb 2015

Work Style | LOOKBOOK

Hi lovelies,

Today I thought to film for you a Work Style LOOKBOOK. For all you ladies out there working the 9-5 shifts and are tired of the same work wear? Well mix it up!
Play around with colour (if your workplace allows it). Definitely switch your shoes to add your personality. It is nearing to the middle of February and already you might be bogged down with the work load or the stress/ worry of so much to do in little time...
Don't make your wardrobe take a hit.
Press play for some inspiration :)


5 Feb 2015

No Longer Slaves // Jonathan David & Melissa Helser // We Will Not Be Sh...

A song off of Bethel's new album!! 
I love it :) Feel free to declare this over you. 

Enjoy your week,
Kathy x

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