24 Feb 2015


This year I have been paying so much attention to my health and fitness more than ever. Although I have been a 'fitness girl' since I was younger and eating whatever I could until the age of 14 (until my metabolism began to slow down) and I took it for granted.  The reason I want to focus on my health and fitness is to be the best I can be, to be confident and comfortable in my body, when it comes to wearing a nice outfit/ or taking a trip to the beach (I don't want to suck in, to pretend I have abs - I want to feel better on the inside and out). 

1) Planning and Setting Goals

When it comes to planning anything - visualise where you see yourself, write it down and have a clear goal in mind and train towards that goal. I don't track my progress on scales (as muscle weighs a lot more than fat) as it tends to put off anyone's self-esteem. Goal setting and progress photos is really important, it gives you something to work toward but also give you a chance to see how far you have come.

2) Eating healthy

When it comes to food, what you have in your kitchen will impact your fitness results. Unfortunately I can not indulge what I am used to, but that doesn't mean I have to cut out things completely - there's no fun in that! What I like to do is cut down on my portions, not to have fatty fried food (if I do have a treat, only a small amount) I also find if I have bread/ pasta / rice/ potato I'll definitely feel sluggish after a while. More protein the better. Every morning I try to have a 1 L of water and a green tea (this helps to cleanse my insides so I am ready to eat all the goodness, nature has to offer). Juices and smoothies are key and a perfect substitute for a meal, when you don't have time or not feeling too hungry. 

3) Exercise

This is my favourite bit, to most people this must be a drain to have the motivation to workout (sometimes I will lack in motivation myself, so I know how it feels) but honestly, you only have to do at least 30-45 minutes of exercise x amount of times a week. I try to maintain 3-4 times a week, either at the gym or going for walks with my sister and dog (whatever I feel like at the time). I decided to join a gym because if I am paying for it - I will have the persistence to keep at it otherwise it is a waste. Going to the gym is totally fine by me I get a whole range of equipment to use, classes I can choose from (body pump, yoga, pilates, body attack and much more) if you join a gym with you're  friends which is twice as fun and gives you the motivational boost to keep going!!

Recently I have been doing all ranges of workouts:

Plank (30 sec)
Sit ups
Russian Twists
Mountain Climbers


Skipping Rope
Cross-trainer (I love this!)

PS. Video will be uploaded sometime this week - keep an eye out!

Kathy x

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