31 Dec 2014


Hello everyone, it always feels good to start the New Year with a BANG - so today I have some outfit ideas on What to wear to a New Years Eve Party!

I hope you enjoy this NYE lookbook and get some inspiration for some cool Party Outfits! Typically you associate new years with all things sparkle and sequined dresses but I went with items that are already in my wardrobe and bright bold block colours :)

I hope you all have a fabulous NEW YEARS!
SEE YOU IN 2015!!



16 Dec 2014

Hair Tutorial | Everyday Curls | NuMe Lustrum Set

Heeeeeeello Everyone! I hope all is well. So today I thought to film a hair tutorial video for you all. This was a lengthy process as I do not film often and when I do I want it to be just right otherwise there is no point... I used the NuMe Lustrum Curling set which I bought online from America, which meant I needed an adapter for my Australian outlet. So tricky I know. I also wanted to film this video, as I just recently had my hair done - which totally helps to show you the curls :)

Anyways, watch the video to find out more!!


What To Wear: Matching Seperates


15 Dec 2014

What's on my Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is almost here and I can taste it. Well come to think of it, not just yet but I surely can see it! People crowding the shopping centres trying to find the special gifts for their daughters, uncles, brothers, father-in-laws, the cousins-dads-brothers-sisters aunty who lives 2 blocks away. The hot humid weather, tinsel that is almost as tall as you and ornaments that brighten your starry night. I didn't think much about what I wanted for Christmas but once it hit December, I was on a mission to go window shopping and leaving hints every now and then on my whiteboard to ensure they make their to me (pretty please).

Water proof iphone case

This one is a biggie. A trip to either Europe or Asia!!!  I really need a holiday, I just need to get that out of my system.

And an obvious yet simple gift, would be a gift voucher to a Beauty place :) 

Although it is almost Christmas and all I can see is people stressing over what to buy or how much they should spend. But to me it's the season to give and to be thankful. To cherish my loving irreplaceable family, my beautiful friends, the place I call home that shelters me from wind/rain or shine, the nature that surrounds me each and every day, the ability to move, think, feel and share with all.
What are your thoughts on Christmas? Leave in the comments below.

12 Dec 2014

Beauty Advent Calender by Benefit

 I can't believe that it is actually December! There are only 12 more days until Christmas!! I am so pumped for Christmas, which compared to last year I wasn't too fussed.

 This is my very first beauty advent calendar and I couldn't help myself from opening each individual one as the days flew past.  Mini beauty surprises each day - don't mind if I do :) This Benefit beauty calendar is sooooo good as you can use the products/ have a trial run of them and of course purchase them in the future!


 A sneak peek inside ;)
This limited edition holiday set is filled with 24 mini beauty essentials:

1. “that gal” brightening face primer | 7.5ml
2. the POREfessional pore minimizer  | 7.5ml
3. benetint  cheek and lip stain in Rose | 2.5ml
4. high beam liquid highlighter | 2.5ml
5. chachatint  lip and cheek stain in Sheer Mango | 2.5ml
6. posietint lip and cheek stain in Poppy Pink  | 2.5ml
7. stay flawless mini foundation primer | 1.2g
8. they’re real! mascara | 3.0g
9.  ultra plush in dandelion | 6.5ml
10. ultra plush lip gloss in A-lister | 6.5ml
11. ultra plush lip gloss in fauxmance | 6.5ml
12. BADgal lash mascara | 4.0g
13. stay don’t stray in light/medium |2.5ml
14. fakeup in 02 medium | 0.5g
15. it’s potent! eye cream | 3.0g
16. total moisture facial cream | 8.9g
17. ooh la lift |2.5g
18. watt’s up! |2.5g
19. beauty sticky notes
20. doodle pad
21. heart-shaped paperclips
22. pinky, polka-dot hair tie
23. elastic hair band with bow charm
24. metallic silvery hair tie

I am stoked that I purchased it before it ran out! As last year I was too late to receive these goodies.
Do you have an advent calendar? If so which one is it?

2 Dec 2014

Khaki Mood

I am crushing on Khaki this season! From a relaxed tee, a summer dress, some khaki pants, fabulous jumpsuits and skirts - it must be love. This dress is super comfortable to relax in, on a hot summer's day. I am in the mood for a holiday :)

- Get the Look -
Dress: Dissh
Shoes: Mombasa (2 years ago)
Necklace: Lovisa

I hope you guys are enjoying the hot 'summer vibes' and staying cool :)
Love Kathy x

25 Nov 2014

Bardot Spring Wishlist

I am crushing on the newest season picks in Bardot! I thought to share with you what I am keeping my eye on during my next shopping trip. I know I can't possibly purchase it all but hopefully sharing it with you guys, it might help me narrow it down or give you an idea or two to what to wear this Spring! What would you pick? I'm pretty confident in these picks as they won't date too quickly but I can wear it casually or dinner with friends or even family events. 

Help a sister out!
Too many to choose from, but I am loving the neutral, white and khaki pieces :)

Love Kathy

23 Nov 2014

What I Wore: Peach Trousers


Keep it simple this spring with these Peach Trousers.
I am crushing on these nude/ peach pants by Missguided!
I personally love to pair these pants with a white tank top or blouse and add a black belt with gold detailing to synch in the waist. This outfit is a definite winner for picnics in the park or a lunch date with the girlfriends/ beau.

- Get The Look -

Top: Glassons
Pants: Missguided
Heels: Payless Shoes
Necklace: Lovisa
Belt: Valleygirl


Current Favourites...

Reading: Nothing at the moment

Watching: Wonderland (this is an Australian tv series)

Listening: Jessica Mauboy - Can I get a moment - definitely a pick me up tune!

Thinking: I should definitely do more blog posts?!

Planning: I want to take a week or weekend off to just relax at a beach house- away from the city.

Mangoes - YAY! They are finally in season again :)

and Loving: ...Summer time! It is getting ridiculously hot here where I am and I cannot wait to soak in the sun, salty hair, frozen ice blocks, long drives that will lead to adventure, early mornings and to swim and play!

Beauty comes from within

Your skin doesn't define you..

Ever since I can remember, my skin has been on a roller coaster from tiny breakouts to "don't look at me, breakouts". I am at the point of where my face shouldn't/doesn't define who I am. It's your personality that reflects who you are. I do take good care of my skin and I shouldn't worry what other people think, I should be comfortable in my own skin no matter what I look like. This is me. Yes hormones like to play nasty tricks on us, but that is life - either some people are born with great skin or some like me will have acne at some stage... We don't need to cover our face constantly, makeup is a creative tool, design to experiment, to highlight features but we shouldn't always use it as a mask. Everyone is different and it has taken a while to process that - that I am not the only one who has breakouts, moles or freckles. It's beautiful to be yourself, there is only one of you, God has made each of us uniquely individual, go out there and be your beautiful self!
Be comfortable and confident in who you are! 
The one thing that does have an huge impact the way people see themselves is social media, it influences how "we" should be/ act/ look like. You and I should be confident in our own skin. Once and a while we have to let our skin breathe, instead of putting makeup on every single day. Nobody's perfect (Thanks Jessie J). My skin definitely doesn't define who I am and neither should yours! 

Okay so I just wanted to get this message out there, for all you lovely people.
Don't let anyone dull your sparkle :)
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday or Saturday?
Love Kathy x

2 Nov 2014

Barefoot Bohemian

So it's getting to that point in the year where I will start to rave about how great the weather is, wanting to take road trips to the beach and having those long summer days. I am definitely a warm weather person. 
Non of these sweater, scarf and stockings kind of gal (don't get me wrong, Winter/Fall fashion is superb) But most days I wouldn't mind slipping into these amazing comfortable pants and you're good to go. It feels good to just relax before the crazy, fun holiday season is upon us. 

The pieces I wore 

Top: Peppermayo
Pants: Markets
Shoes... what shoes? haha

Love Kathy x

Adventure Awaits

Hello there! 

I just realised I have not put these photos up from my Bohemian Lookbook, which was a great, HOT, relaxing day with Sammi :) This location was perfect for the day, at times we forget what life is really about... I know we can all be busy with work, university or volunteering but I urge you to take a few days to relax, to be with people that make you happy!! Whenever I am around people that make me smile and laugh non-stop, I feel like I can do anything, it makes my day even special. 

1st Outfit: 
Top: Glassons
Pants: Mombasa
Neckalce: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Windsor Smith

2nd Outfit:
Playsuit: Glassons
Shoes: Windsor Smith

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween weekend and didn't eat too much candy ;)

Love Kathy x


20 Oct 2014

Flower Power

Take a deep breathe... and let it all go.  Take a step outside and embrace what is around you, go adventure outside of the city. Please enjoy nature, the trees, the beach, the birds, the sun but most of all the fresh air that surrounds you like a blanket!? I rather be at the beach or hiking through nature as the big city can be a hassle / chaotic, in which some days I feel trapped, I feel tiny but when I'm surrounded by God's creation, I feel alive, I feel mighty!!
John Butler Trio - Good Excuse is my go to tune for any road trips (or any other songs of theirs)

So good!

Hat: A gift from a friend
Top: Pepper mayo
Skirt: Op Shop
Shoes: Spendless

Leave in the comments below what do you prefer, the city or nature? PS. Any great artists similar to them would be much appreciated :)

Love Kathy x


13 Oct 2014

Liquid Foundation Reviews

Hello beautiful people,

I thought to talk about all of my liquid foundations. Obviously I don't own that many, but you can see which ones I prefer over the others.With that being said, I do still want to purchase a couple in the future, but for now these do the job perfectly!

First of all, make up is a luxury. It is not a real necessity, we do not need it hence that is why it is a luxury item to have, regardless of income. I have purchased these foundations with my own money and over quite a while. I have 5 liquid foundations and 1 BB cream that I absolutely love. 

Let's start off with the first three of the bunch. Two drugstore brands and one "high-end" brand. RIMMEL London Wake Me Up foundation, was possibly the first liquid foundation I ever bought, thanks to certain youtubers at the time raving on how amazing it makes you look - and in fact they were right! It suitable for days when you're running late for work or school, it makes your face look more radiant like you spent the weekend at the beach. Definitely a great buy! Moving onto MAC. Now buying MAC for the first time I was hesitant as I didn't know what to get, the "affordable-price pinch" and well is it really worth it? Let me tell you, it totally is! Although this is my first MAC liquid foundation, I will no doubt go back to purchase something ludacris in the future, everyone usually splurges on a MAC product every now and then! Like the Rimmel London WMU foundation, the Match Master by MAC has SPF15 which creates a rich-gooy glow to it, which lasts practically all day. You definitely get what you pay for! Oh Natio, how you were an impulse buy. Yes, it was an impulse but not that I'm regretting it, it was just that I didn't need it - I decided to purchase this baby as I felt bored and wandered into a chemist, wanting to find something new (pass the time). I know I know, do not do this. But hey! It has natural coverage, lightweight, affordable and does indeed have a luminous tint to it as well. 

Now onto my 3 go-to foundations to date. Can I get a whoop whoop!

I purchased the Thalgo BB Cream from the beauty treatment place I go to every now & then. I'm so grateful I did, because it is amazing for when you're in a rush and don't have the time to put extravagant amount of work to do your whole makeup routine - this is a lifesaver plus it has SPF15 so I know I am covered, it's not expensive, glowy tint to it, coverage is on point and the range definitely covers my skin tone. Happy days! RIMMEL London hoe I can count on you when I am in need of a true pick me up. I picked up the MATCH Perfection as I was curious to see what the hype was about and it surely doesn't disappoint! It's kind of the same as the Wake Me Up foundation but this one has more of a glow to it, totally on point with my skin tone (whereas the WMU foundation is lighter) and is affordable being that it is a drug-store foundation.

Okay last one, I hope you guys are still with me! So this one is quite special, the Revelon Photoready Airbrush Effect foundation (what a mouthful) this little guy, has a smooth texture with hints of sparkle throughout (hence the airbrush effect and it being for special occasions) buildable, the price was a bit much - but that's Revelon for you. Oh and I pair this one with my Revelon Photoready powder - check out my September favourites to have a look see. 

Do you have a favourite foundation in your collection? If so, leave a comment below. 
Love Kathy xx


29 Sep 2014

The Perfect Spring Dress

I think I have found it. The perfect Spring dress! This is hands down my favourite colour for this season, it's a beautiful cloudy blue colour. (I will be uploading another post with similar colours - so keep your eyes peeled). Spring can be a bit funny with rain, shine, storm or bright sunny day.

I was so excited to have found this dress. There is something about the texture of this dress that makes me feel all bubbly inside. I wore nude kitten heels and a nude clutch/ shoulder bag to keep the emphasis on the beautiful dress. I didn't need a jacket or cardigan, as the weather today was absolutely marvelous. Cheers Brisbane! My makeup and hair are kept simple (I will be uploading a post on my new makeup and go-to hair styles sometime soon).  On my nails, I thought to go for Revlon's new bright contrast orange colour.

I kept jewellery to a minimum because the dress is the statement piece. I am over the moon, that Australia is in Spring time, to see lovely bright flowers, beautiful sunny weather, relaxing on the beach and having BBQ's with friends plus so much more! So glad Winter is over.

Finding the perfect Spring dress might be tricky. You don't want something to resemble Summer straight off the bat or you don't want something resembling Winter either. The material of this dress is so soft and fluffy like a marshmallow! Since getting it in the post, I have been stroking the fluffiness - I love it! Couldn't be more happy. All thanks to ASOS.

Thanks to my sis for these lovely photos :)
What's the weather like where you are?

Love Kathy x

23 Sep 2014

REVIEW: The Frank Effect



If you haven't heard or seen frank body scrub, then where have you been living? Off instagram that's for sure! I received my Frank Body scrub 2 weeks ago and boy oh boy do I love it! I have used it 3 times since getting it. 

Frank is a 'coffee scrub with minerals and essential oils for smooth, supple skin, and antioxidants to treat dry skin, stretch marks, scars, and acne’. I purchased two 200g packs of tough love, as I couldn't decide on which one I wanted more, so I bought two and definitely will be purchasing more! Frank had me at "Hey Babe".

I ordered the Original frank body scrub and the coconut & grapeseed scrub. The website recommends you to scrub 1-2 scrubs a week. Yet so far I don't use it every week. I use it 1-2 times one week then skip the next week then go back to using it the following week, it depends on how I feel really. You only need about two small handfuls to cover your body. I use the scrub whilst I'm in the shower, I rinse my body then apply the scrub and massage it into my skin, let it dry for about 5 - 7 minutes then I rinse off! Make sure to keep the scrub on you for at least 5 minutes to dry so it can have the frank effect (get it). Although my bathroom usually smells like a cafe after a scrub (it doesn't bother my sister too much - oh and do not eat it) just open the windows for your neighbours to smell. I couldn't wait to write this review, a true honest one! 

After using it for the first time, I have felt a noticeable difference in my skin. It felt smoother, softer which is fabulous! Frank scrubbed away the dry dead skin and I don't mind the smell of coffee. For more information about the scrub, their website covers your questions.

 If you live in Australia, it is only $14.95 for the original and $17.95 for the coconut & grapseed scrub. Definitely worth it! I don't know why I have not tried it sooner. I hope you all have the pleasure of scrubbing with Frank in the future. If you have, what are your thoughts, I'd be interested to know! 

I was having a rotten day, so I got out my LUSH goodies and Frank body scrub to scrub my stress away :)

♥ Kathy 

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