15 Dec 2014

What's on my Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is almost here and I can taste it. Well come to think of it, not just yet but I surely can see it! People crowding the shopping centres trying to find the special gifts for their daughters, uncles, brothers, father-in-laws, the cousins-dads-brothers-sisters aunty who lives 2 blocks away. The hot humid weather, tinsel that is almost as tall as you and ornaments that brighten your starry night. I didn't think much about what I wanted for Christmas but once it hit December, I was on a mission to go window shopping and leaving hints every now and then on my whiteboard to ensure they make their to me (pretty please).

Water proof iphone case

This one is a biggie. A trip to either Europe or Asia!!!  I really need a holiday, I just need to get that out of my system.

And an obvious yet simple gift, would be a gift voucher to a Beauty place :) 

Although it is almost Christmas and all I can see is people stressing over what to buy or how much they should spend. But to me it's the season to give and to be thankful. To cherish my loving irreplaceable family, my beautiful friends, the place I call home that shelters me from wind/rain or shine, the nature that surrounds me each and every day, the ability to move, think, feel and share with all.
What are your thoughts on Christmas? Leave in the comments below.

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