29 Apr 2016

April Favourites

Was it just me, or did April just flew by... I wanted to post an April favourites for you as I haven't posted one in what feels like a very long time. Maybe it's because I get side tracked or mostly because I reuse most of the favourite items throughout the following month and so on. 

But today I wanted to share with you what I've been loving this past April. Let me know in the comments below what you have been loving this past month because I'd love to know.

The first few items are Tv shows/ series which some go hand in hand and the others are bit different. If you haven't checked out these shows I recommend you do, they are pretty awesome depending what you enjoy watching but so far my family and I are hooked. Oh the titles of them are The Flash and Arrow. They are both equally awesome to watch, Arrow was produced before The Flash and main characters tend to frequently crossover between the shows as they have the same writers. I don't want to go into too much detail but check out the trailers to know more!

A movie that my family and I saw which was pretty good which was My Big Fat Greek Wedding it was pretty hilarious with a slice of drama and of course filled with love/ caring for one another as you do as a family. I'd love to know if you've seen this, what'd you think?

Favourite stores to shop at recently have been Seed, Nine West, Forever New and of course Witchery.
Two of these I'm sure of you can find them outside of Australia but they all deliver to the rest of the world just check their Delivery/ International Shipping. These brands are perfect to find the up to date pieces that will last throughout the seasons or more, with reasonable prices.

My last favourite would be something to read. This book has been my all time favourite book which is actually 3 books in one. It's by Karen Kingsbury whom is an American Christian novelist and the way she writes is just incredible. She keeps you wanting more. The book was titled Forever Faithful which is spilt up into 3 books Waiting for Morning, A moment of Weakness and Halfway to Forever. I'm currently reading through A moment of Weakness and it is so good I can hardly put it down until my eyes start to close (I usually read it before bed as it's better way to sleep without a screen in your face). The first two books are quiet different from one another probably the first one was more of a teary one compared to the one I'm currently reading. After this book, I am definitely going to buy another one or two of her books! I'd love to know what books are you currently reading or if you have read one of her books before?

Tune in next month as I want to keep posting my monthly favourites on my blog or my Youtube channel. 


28 Apr 2016

Transition Outfits: SUMMER TO AUTUMN

New video just went up on my YouTube channel, let me know what you think in the comments below :)

I had a lot of fun making this video, I am definitely going to be doing one for Winter/Spring!
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Have an awesome week!

24 Apr 2016

Autumn is Approaching

Dress - Myer
Jacket - Myer (similar)
Boots - Myer
Funnily enough these items were bought at different times but fit perfectly together as the weather cools down.
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