29 Jan 2016

My Room Tour | 2016

Hi everyone!  I've wanted to do a bedroom tour for quite some time on my blog and over on YouTube but just never really got round to it. Well, today is the day. Do check out my YouTube channel to see the whole setup.

I finally painted my walls all white and  it makes it a bit more cozy and relaxing. I never want to leave my bed but the day duties must go on... 


22 Jan 2016

My Top 5 Fashion Blogs to Read

Somedays it's nice to relax and de-stress with a cup of tea and a ponder through a few fashion blogs. Most of the time I end up clicking the links on where to buy this or that, honestly it's a great feeling knowing where to buy certain pieces, so you don't have FOMO creeping on, hey a girls got to keep her wardrobe up to date, consistency is key or is it minimalistic. Alright well enough chit chat why not get into my top 5 picks. In no particular order, here we go... 


15 Jan 2016

Searching for the Sun


Discover beautiful beaches with the sand between your toes, the salty air brushing against your skin whilst you lay upon the beach soaking in the glorious summer sun.


5 Jan 2016

Wardrobe Change

Ever stare at your wardrobe/ closet and you can find absolutely nothing to wear? Yeah I've been there too. But the solution isn't to go shopping for that special top that would compliment your favourite pair of jeans. You need to declutter your wardrobe as soon as possible. I indeed shutter at the thought of decluttering my wardrobe as you never know when you need 'that item'...  I am definitely in the process of decluttering my wardrobe and it has put myself in a better mindset to attend other jobs with a positive mindset. You can also declutter other things in your room if you wish - do you really need multiple items of foundation when you haven't opened the 2nd bottle... The answer to that is right in this post.


1 Jan 2016

Year 2016

Good morning and Happy New Year beautiful people! So the new year is upon us and time to roll out the new resolutions to stick to... or attempt to. Personally I don't tend on giving up chocolate or a treat  meal once so often but I do have a way of not putting so much 'pressure' out there as realistically after a few weeks into the year you/me/we are bound to slip up. We're human so that is okay, we keep changing, but keep moving forward to a better path. Let my faith lead the way. 

2016 won't be much of a difference from 2015, besides constantly being myself. Caring less what people think about me (which is quite an insecurity I have for a while now and doesn't help that I get anxious when I am in a room filled with a lot of people but it's a work in progress) focus on things that make me filled with happiness. I want to express what I am passionate about, to be creative with my content and have more adventures within my home country and internationally. Do not let others define how you live your life, it isn't up to them that you should deal with, it's all down to you. 

I just want to wish you all the best for this new year, wherever you are I know it will be a great year!

Side note:
Lord I lift up those today who are facing depression, anxiety, self harm and suicidal thoughts. God I pray that your love will overflow within them and show them how beautiful they are. Let your strong hands hold them up Lord, show them there is a greater plan for their life. 
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