5 Jan 2016

Wardrobe Change

Ever stare at your wardrobe/ closet and you can find absolutely nothing to wear? Yeah I've been there too. But the solution isn't to go shopping for that special top that would compliment your favourite pair of jeans. You need to declutter your wardrobe as soon as possible. I indeed shutter at the thought of decluttering my wardrobe as you never know when you need 'that item'...  I am definitely in the process of decluttering my wardrobe and it has put myself in a better mindset to attend other jobs with a positive mindset. You can also declutter other things in your room if you wish - do you really need multiple items of foundation when you haven't opened the 2nd bottle... The answer to that is right in this post.

But hey, it has to be done in order to start off the year on the right foot and you will be able to have a clear mind once you stop stressing over what to wear in the mornings. If your wardrobe is bursting with clothes and you find yourself with nothing to wear than thats when you need to grab a pen and paper and outline what is really important. 

Here are my top picks that are a wardrobe keepers:

1. Jeans (blacks or dark denim are ideal to keep your figure flattering)
2. Black or white blouse 
3. Blazer
4. Little black dress
5. Boots
6. black 'staple' heels
7. Jumper/ Sweater
8. Skirt
9. Classic black or white t-shirt
10. A Statement piece

If you have multiple floral dresses that definitely look like each other, lay them all on your bed and ask yourself do you really need all these 5 dresses? Why did I buy them? Were they on 'too good of a sale not to'... If the answer is not a solid reason you must toss them/donate them. This goes for your "comfort-stay at home clothes that no one should see you in" you most likely only need a couple of soft oversized jumpers, shorts, you name it. These all have a common agenda to keep you at home being comfortable but if there are multiple t-shirts with polka dots or same material items but different colour popping out of your wardrobe then it's time to give them up. Think of how much space/ freedom you have with these items vanishing.

Lastly this major bump in the wardrobe that could still be hiding but you keep staring to the other side of the wardrobe not daring to touch. You know the one, the items that did have a special meaning or those items that once did fit/ will fit but there just won't be any chance at this minute. Lovey you aren't doing yourself much favours by keeping them. Lay these out and list what exactly the problem is. Are they too small? Too long? What specific issue made this item unwearable. You could always sell it on or donate it to charity or family/friends who would appreciate them also.

I know at the end of this wardrobe change it will look like you have less stuff than you had before or even feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear. But in fact you have a better chance of finding something spectacular to wear and probably find more good outfits than before. Don't worry no one will notice how many times you wear that outfit. If it looks good on you and you feel even better in it than rock it! Now that you've removed the old its time to find items that you are missing, that will amp up your personal style. Oh how much stress you'll avoid and money you'll save. 

Oh another wonderful tip, change your coat hangers the other way! This will definitely help when you come to clearing your wardrobe out in the next upcoming months. This way you can see what items that are definitely not in rotation. Your welcome!

Happy times for your new wardrobe.

Kathy x


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