22 Jan 2016

My Top 5 Fashion Blogs to Read

Somedays it's nice to relax and de-stress with a cup of tea and a ponder through a few fashion blogs. Most of the time I end up clicking the links on where to buy this or that, honestly it's a great feeling knowing where to buy certain pieces, so you don't have FOMO creeping on, hey a girls got to keep her wardrobe up to date, consistency is key or is it minimalistic. Alright well enough chit chat why not get into my top 5 picks. In no particular order, here we go... 

The London fashionista called Samantha Maria Official. What's not to love about Sammi, although I don't know any of these bloggers but I feel like I connect with Samantha the most, her style is always so chic and always put together. I definitely look to her for style inspiration. I can't wait for what outfits she puts together because I know I will immediately want to shop the look. 

Harper and Harley is a style blogger from Sydney, Australia and she definitely knows her stuff. Minimalist is key with Sara. Always scrolling through her page you see why she is one of my favourite bloggers. Effortlessly cool yet styled to perfection. Creating inspiration with the perfect wardrobe revolving around black white and grey pieces, yet keeping it relaxed. 

Jessica Stein is a travel and style blogger of Tuula Vintage mixes her fusion of wanderlust and her stunning fashion that makes most people want to be her. If you haven't heard of her, well you are welcome! Her looks are always so vibrant effortless and feminine, it is always so refreshing to see what she posts next on her Instagram (with 2.1m followers or over on her blog). 

3 down 2 more to go. I would love to list more but a taste of whats good is more than enough to keep you going for now. I'd love to see who your favourite fashion if not beauty bloggers are, leave a comment below I'd love to add more to my list. 

Pau Dictado is a Los Angeles babe and her fashion is on point. Edgy yet feminine style. I mean she looks so effortless in each outfit she puts together, it makes me want most if not all of her outfits. Great photos, great looks and her hair is fabulous! Whats not to love. 

The last but definitely not the easiest pick, goes to Twice Blessed style bloggers. Bec and Marissa are identical twins with twice the chic and minimalistic fashion with a humble attitude. They are always stylish and versatile with their outfits which makes it attainable to their readers, you'll be recreating their looks in no time. 

There you have it, my top 5 favourite picks. I hope you have a wonderful afternoon and keep an eye out for other blog posts or videos over on my Youtube channel. 



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