30 Jul 2014

BEAUTY REVIEW: Tea Tree Primer Body Shop

Hello everyone!

Recently I have been breaking out really bad around my cheeks closer to my jawline... Not too bad, but bad enough that I had to do something about it, as it affected my self-confidence... So whilst skimming through other blogs I found a review on the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser from The Body Shop and right then and there I thought why haven't I seen/heard or even bought this product before! I am so grateful I did end up buying this little gem, as it is a lifesaver - Truly is!

I was ecstatic when I come home with new things to try, whether it's beauty related or clothing - so I couldn't wait to wipe off my makeup I was wearing that day and re-do my makeup the next day but with the use of my secret weapon, the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser!

It has a soft yet cold texture, helps my foundation stay on longer whilst leaving my skin feeling smooth - not having to worry about whether my foundation will impact my pores, plus it smells amazing (like tea tree should) and you do not need so much to apply on your face as a little can go along way! Like a pea size amount should do the job. I've been using the 'TTPM' for two weeks and a bit, I am loving it - it does what it's supposed to do! "Our new Tea Tree Pore Minimiser makes pores look smaller. Infused with Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil, it smoothes, primes and mattifies, and leaves skin feeling fresh and pure."


If you are in need of a "primer" then you can't go wrong with the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, I am definitely going back to get another tube of this baby when I run out! By the way always double check with the sales assistants, before buying any products - as skin types are always different!

What Primer/s do you have in your bag of beauty-goodies? I'm always up for trying new things :)



Fragrance Family

Hello everyone, 

Super excited to have these two sweet-scented babies to my collection - well my small collection... I'd rather use the perfume I have rather then collect a bunch, I won't use until the next time - but that might change when a sale will pop up! Who doesn't like a sale!

I have been wanting these Marc Jacobs' perfumes for ages and now I have them!! Whenever I walk into a shop that has any Marc Jacobs perfume, I do the sneaky spray here and there, off I go smelling fabulous!The thing that drew me into buying it, has been the packaging, it's super adorable yet chic and feminine, the lady bug theme is a bonus! Loving the marketing done by Marc Jacobs team - bravo! Okay now onto the scent... I am horrible at describing scents but hey, why not give it a crack. Marc Jacobs DOT is a floral, flirty and fruity scent. It doesn't smell cheap, or too over-powering which is great, I do not want to smell like I've sprayed on cheap deodorant/perfume. Haha. Oh and I got these two at a reasonable price - $100 with a free Marc Jacobs makeup bag and limited edition Marc Jacobs umbrella.

Marc Jacobs DOT 30ml

Oh honey, how sweet thee are. Why have one when you can have two, it's a no- brainer. Although I have kept my eye on DOT for so long, this does not mean I won't have a soft spot (get it) for HONEY by Marc Jacobs. This little gem reminds me of Summer, sun shining, birds chirping, flowers blooming - full of energy and smelling awesome!

Marc Jacobs HONEY 30ml

Do you own any Marc Jacobs perfumes? Which one is your favourite?
Enjoy the rest of the week :)

Kathy x


24 Jul 2014


Reading:  Redeeming Love

Watching: Once Upon A Time

Listening: Boom Clap - Charli XCX (this was a tough one)

Thinking: I need to step out of my comfort zone - try new things, do more exercise!

Planning: To go on more adventures, to meet new people, surround myself with different culture.

Loving: Mountain climbing

What have you been Currently enjoying/doing lately? Love to read your responses.


23 Jul 2014

Priscilla Ahn - Dream (Official Video)

"I had a dream, that I could fly from the highest swing, I had a dream"


21 Jul 2014


A playsuit that is green! MY LOVE.  This was the first time I have purchased with Peppermayo and it was not only hassle-free and quick, but affordable.
This playsuit was just $59.95…(don't think it's online anymore)
I fell inlove with it as soon as I saw it online! It combines a few of my favourite things;  a bright floral print, it's GREEN and A PLAYSUIT.

Trying to get more blog posts out there with Uni starting soon, so bare with me, but for now this playsuit keeps me cheerful for the weekend!  

Jacket: Temt

Heels: Bardot

Playsuit: Peppermayo
 (these are Australian brands)

Have a good weekend lovelies. 
Kathy x

14 Jul 2014

Dressing Nude

What a b-e-a-utiful sunny day! We had to take advantage of it :) 


13 Jul 2014

I am All He says I am

Hello everyone, 

It's Sunday night here in Australia and what better way to finish the weekend with a few thoughts that I'd love to share with you! So grab a cuppa and start reading :) It will be short and sweet. 

Basically this applies to all of you out there not just the ladies, who it was mostly directed to in the service I heard...  

You are ALL that God says you are; beautiful in His eyes, born in His image, called, chosen, desired, fully accepted, fully forgiven, fully loved, gifted, worthy and HIS. 
The list can go on and on, but the point of this reminder is that you have to accept it, it's the truth and you walk in it! 

You are called to GO!
You are heard to SPEAK!
You are gifted to SERVE!
You are made in His image so REFLECT!

Any word that you use to describe God's character should also describe your character. Don't forget that. Let this reminder be an affirmation for your beautiful God-given heart. 

 You are ALL He says you are. 

Told you it was short and sweet, have a wonderful week ahead! 


11 Jul 2014


Hi everyone! Hope you are all well :)

These past few days have been life changing -  it's all Thanks to God our father and saviour!
At the start of the year and the past 2 years it has been a mix bag; started a new job - a job that I enjoy, applied and got into University! I was hesitant and anxious about going to University ever since I graduated from high school...

I threw myself into work life, which was great and all, but I've always wanted to do more with my time to be able to study something that will increase my knowledge and help me later on in the future.. You never know what the future will hold so you have to make the most of the present. So corny.

I was looking through my blog and found a blogpost I wrote 2 years ago saying how I would attend Uni - I didn't [insert the past me here] ...After high school I had a Gap Year, I'm turning 19 this year. I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I am older. There are many decisions - 1. Interior designer 2.Fashion Stylist 3. Travel blogger or 4. Keep doing what you're doing and eventually you will find your passion. I love being creative; I learn more when I am shown rather than told what to do. I enjoy art, fashion, rearranging my room (finding impressive furniture to make things work in a room).  Now this is where I get stuck... I just don't know which path will benefit me the most. Either start a course and see where it will lead me or to be a floater (to work and to travel, to have an adventure before I get older)...


8 Jul 2014

Lunch time

The best place to get a burger is from this place.. Grill'd.
Although I didn't get a burger, as I am not feeling that great
(just getting over a cold - one of the downsides of Winter), and wouldn't want to waste it  I decided to get a ceasar salad which was the first one I have had in ages - and boy IT WAS DELICIOUS!! 


2 Jul 2014


Hope you enjoyed this video! :)

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