30 Jul 2014

BEAUTY REVIEW: Tea Tree Primer Body Shop

Hello everyone!

Recently I have been breaking out really bad around my cheeks closer to my jawline... Not too bad, but bad enough that I had to do something about it, as it affected my self-confidence... So whilst skimming through other blogs I found a review on the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser from The Body Shop and right then and there I thought why haven't I seen/heard or even bought this product before! I am so grateful I did end up buying this little gem, as it is a lifesaver - Truly is!

I was ecstatic when I come home with new things to try, whether it's beauty related or clothing - so I couldn't wait to wipe off my makeup I was wearing that day and re-do my makeup the next day but with the use of my secret weapon, the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser!

It has a soft yet cold texture, helps my foundation stay on longer whilst leaving my skin feeling smooth - not having to worry about whether my foundation will impact my pores, plus it smells amazing (like tea tree should) and you do not need so much to apply on your face as a little can go along way! Like a pea size amount should do the job. I've been using the 'TTPM' for two weeks and a bit, I am loving it - it does what it's supposed to do! "Our new Tea Tree Pore Minimiser makes pores look smaller. Infused with Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil, it smoothes, primes and mattifies, and leaves skin feeling fresh and pure."


If you are in need of a "primer" then you can't go wrong with the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, I am definitely going back to get another tube of this baby when I run out! By the way always double check with the sales assistants, before buying any products - as skin types are always different!

What Primer/s do you have in your bag of beauty-goodies? I'm always up for trying new things :)



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