11 Jul 2014


Hi everyone! Hope you are all well :)

These past few days have been life changing -  it's all Thanks to God our father and saviour!
At the start of the year and the past 2 years it has been a mix bag; started a new job - a job that I enjoy, applied and got into University! I was hesitant and anxious about going to University ever since I graduated from high school...

I threw myself into work life, which was great and all, but I've always wanted to do more with my time to be able to study something that will increase my knowledge and help me later on in the future.. You never know what the future will hold so you have to make the most of the present. So corny.

I was looking through my blog and found a blogpost I wrote 2 years ago saying how I would attend Uni - I didn't [insert the past me here] ...After high school I had a Gap Year, I'm turning 19 this year. I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I am older. There are many decisions - 1. Interior designer 2.Fashion Stylist 3. Travel blogger or 4. Keep doing what you're doing and eventually you will find your passion. I love being creative; I learn more when I am shown rather than told what to do. I enjoy art, fashion, rearranging my room (finding impressive furniture to make things work in a room).  Now this is where I get stuck... I just don't know which path will benefit me the most. Either start a course and see where it will lead me or to be a floater (to work and to travel, to have an adventure before I get older)...

Okay so that wasn't a huge blogpost of what I decided I should do, but it has given me an idea to what I want/ed. The start of this year 2014, I was determined to get "serious" about what this year had in store for me.. So here I am now, in the end of June entering the month of July and I can happily say I will be starting a Bachelor of Design and Communication at the Sunshine Coast! It's a bit daunting going back to study with all the big "kids" but hey, eventually I was going to, so why not begin!

I don't really have a reason as to why it has taken myself a little while to jump onto the band wagon of "GOING TO UNIVERSITY" but all I know is timing is key; you never know how the rest of the year will pan out or next year, but all I can say is I am so grateful to be able to study. I've come to the point in my life, where I need to care about things more seriously, but still have fun as I go along... I should stop comparing myself to other people, wishing for things and just start being happy for things that will come my way. Good or bad. You can't get sunshine without a little rain. 

...I will keep you updated with how things will turn out, because believe me I am feeling anxious, excited, nervous, calm, thrilled all at once! Oh and don't worry if you aren't going to University or taking a "Gap Year" to go to University a bit later - it is all up to you, whether you're ready - do not listen to the pressure of society, your parents or to your friends at the end of the day it is up to you, to make the right decision - I know many people who didn't go to University and they are loving life, they do have great jobs, there are many paths you can take to reach your dreams/ goals - you'll see. 

Anyways, that's my ramble about University, I will keep you updated in a few months or weeks, but until then enjoy the rest of my blog :)

What are your thoughts of University/ College?


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