13 Jul 2014

I am All He says I am

Hello everyone, 

It's Sunday night here in Australia and what better way to finish the weekend with a few thoughts that I'd love to share with you! So grab a cuppa and start reading :) It will be short and sweet. 

Basically this applies to all of you out there not just the ladies, who it was mostly directed to in the service I heard...  

You are ALL that God says you are; beautiful in His eyes, born in His image, called, chosen, desired, fully accepted, fully forgiven, fully loved, gifted, worthy and HIS. 
The list can go on and on, but the point of this reminder is that you have to accept it, it's the truth and you walk in it! 

You are called to GO!
You are heard to SPEAK!
You are gifted to SERVE!
You are made in His image so REFLECT!

Any word that you use to describe God's character should also describe your character. Don't forget that. Let this reminder be an affirmation for your beautiful God-given heart. 

 You are ALL He says you are. 

Told you it was short and sweet, have a wonderful week ahead! 


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