30 Jul 2014

Fragrance Family

Hello everyone, 

Super excited to have these two sweet-scented babies to my collection - well my small collection... I'd rather use the perfume I have rather then collect a bunch, I won't use until the next time - but that might change when a sale will pop up! Who doesn't like a sale!

I have been wanting these Marc Jacobs' perfumes for ages and now I have them!! Whenever I walk into a shop that has any Marc Jacobs perfume, I do the sneaky spray here and there, off I go smelling fabulous!The thing that drew me into buying it, has been the packaging, it's super adorable yet chic and feminine, the lady bug theme is a bonus! Loving the marketing done by Marc Jacobs team - bravo! Okay now onto the scent... I am horrible at describing scents but hey, why not give it a crack. Marc Jacobs DOT is a floral, flirty and fruity scent. It doesn't smell cheap, or too over-powering which is great, I do not want to smell like I've sprayed on cheap deodorant/perfume. Haha. Oh and I got these two at a reasonable price - $100 with a free Marc Jacobs makeup bag and limited edition Marc Jacobs umbrella.

Marc Jacobs DOT 30ml

Oh honey, how sweet thee are. Why have one when you can have two, it's a no- brainer. Although I have kept my eye on DOT for so long, this does not mean I won't have a soft spot (get it) for HONEY by Marc Jacobs. This little gem reminds me of Summer, sun shining, birds chirping, flowers blooming - full of energy and smelling awesome!

Marc Jacobs HONEY 30ml

Do you own any Marc Jacobs perfumes? Which one is your favourite?
Enjoy the rest of the week :)

Kathy x


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