31 Aug 2014

BEAUTY REVIEW: LUSH Castastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask


29 Aug 2014

Missguided Wishlist |

Hey everyone,

The title is self explanatory, but honestly I would love to grab these outfits, in an instant but for now I thought to put together a mood board of outfits I'd love to have :) You might get some ideas too!

Missguided Dorothy Floral Wrap Jumpsuit
Similar to the CUE jumpsuit which is cost's a lot more.
Oh my goodness!! Just the two piece set I've been looking for, the colour and all! It's similar to the Bardot one but much cheaper - I'm in love!
Missguided Madelynn Midi Pencil Skit

There are HEAPS more but these just caught my eye! Happy shopping :) 

Love Kathy x

28 Aug 2014

This is why

"I write because I love the feeling of having a single idea or thought, and allowing this force within me to take over and consume the page before me. I never know how it is going to turn out. I never know what direction it may lead me in. The final conclusions and thoughts all live in my unknown, mysterious place that only my subconscious mind has the map for, in surrendering to the flow of words I am being led blindfolded to somewhere magical that I have never been before. It's an adventure in itself, I don't need to leave my home."

Snapshot from feedmeblog - she gets it. This is why I started my own blog, I wanted to express my love for things, it gives me a voice and an insight to many people who I have not met, and might inspire them to follow what they love and enjoy!

Anyways, I hope that you're having a great week thus far!

Love Kathy x

16 Aug 2014

July Favourites

Recent monthly favourites, that I've been using/loving :)

 Slowly but surely, there will be a lot more videos being upload to my Youtube channel - so don't forget to click suscribe!
Love Kathy

15 Aug 2014


Hello lovelies, 

And it is raining. A day where you do not want to get out of bed, kind of day, and that's exactly what I'm doing - plus a few Uni assessments and blog posts to be put up soon...

This dress makes me miss the sun, shining in my face to keep me warm. I instantly fell in love with this beauty as soon as I tried it on - I don't usually go for something like this, but hey there's always a first time. The pattern is gorgeous, not to dark not to light just amazing! Flattering midi dress with a plunging V neck line, which is adjustable with the wire sown in the neck line - so don't stress mum's if the dress looks a tad revealing. Haha


10 Aug 2014

Sunday well spent

Hi lovelies, 

The weekend is over! And another week ahead of us, the year seems to slip by quickly after the month of June. Hope you're enjoying it so far, I know I am :) Keeping this short and sweet, my sister and I took a stroll down to Teneriffe and found this cute country-es place right by the water which was perfect for my outfit and hair-do (which didn't take me that long - I'll do a tutorial on it if you like). 


9 Aug 2014

Monochrome Love: PART 1

Hi everyone,

I thought to show  you guys a few ways to wear black and white. The key to wearing Monochrome would have to be, playing with different shapes, styles, texture and patterns to make it interesting and fun! You don't have to keep it with 'block' black and white all the time; black and white is easy, fun, fuss-free, simple, fashionable.
If in doubt, turn to monochrome ;)

This will be part 1 of the Monochrome series - I don't think I'd be able to fit most of the outfits into one blog post.

I really enjoy putting together outfits and being able to style, I just don't know why I don't do more of them... Not to worry, I'll be creating more in the future! Also a HUGE thank you to Sammi who is a total babe for helping me out with this lookbook!! :)

So that is all. Hope you enjoyed it and I will be uploading a video that is linked to these blog post's, on my Youtube channel shortly.

Outfit details:
Jumpsuit: Bardot (similar, without the sleeves) or here
Jacket: Temt (bought this on sale in Australia) similar
Heels: Bardot similar
Lipstick: Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm - these are AMAZING!

Love Kathy
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