28 Aug 2014

This is why

"I write because I love the feeling of having a single idea or thought, and allowing this force within me to take over and consume the page before me. I never know how it is going to turn out. I never know what direction it may lead me in. The final conclusions and thoughts all live in my unknown, mysterious place that only my subconscious mind has the map for, in surrendering to the flow of words I am being led blindfolded to somewhere magical that I have never been before. It's an adventure in itself, I don't need to leave my home."

Snapshot from feedmeblog - she gets it. This is why I started my own blog, I wanted to express my love for things, it gives me a voice and an insight to many people who I have not met, and might inspire them to follow what they love and enjoy!

Anyways, I hope that you're having a great week thus far!

Love Kathy x

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