31 Aug 2014

BEAUTY REVIEW: LUSH Castastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask

LUSH cosmetics is my new found love!! From their bath bombs, hair products and to facial products LUSH is truly a new romance which will probably go on foreverrrrr. Catastrophe Cosmetic is the first and not the last face mask I will try. I have recently been breaking out (thank you hormones) and I needed a solution! I always wanted to try LUSH cosmetics' face masks as I seem to see heaps and heaps of people from the Youtube community raving about how good they are! So why not jump on the band wagon and see for myself - what do you know, I totally agree with them! I needed a face mask to calm my breakouts and to leave my skin feeling fresh and smooth afterwards, so Catastrophe Cosmetic stood out from the rest, with the helpful advice by the LUSH girls :)

Excuse my face being covered in this wonderful beauty goodness!

I really enjoyed this face mask as it has a mix of blueberries which I absolutely love and chamomile, Irish moss and calamine which adds to the smooth goodness condense in this tub. The aroma smells really good I could just eat it (but please don't haha) you can see the blueberry pieces which makes me feel rest assured that it has been made up with actual blueberries... Also don't forget to keep it in the fridge to keep fresh. I am definitely going to repurchase this, once it runs out and maybe other LUSH products!!

That's all from me today, why not give it a go for yourself. Let me know in the comments below, what you have been loving from LUSH Cosmetics?

Love Kathy x

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