28 Dec 2015

A Week in my Wardrobe | DECEMBER EDITION

New Video just went live :) 

 Please check it out and leave me in the comments which outfit you like best.
I would love your thoughts on any videos you would like for me to do! 

 Enjoy your day x


2 Nov 2015

Race Day | Last minute outfit

Race season is upon us friends! I cannot wait to see all of the beautiful outfits from the day. Whether you are going to the Melbourne cup, going to your local racing event or dressing up for a work event, I am sure to have you covered. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit for the races but hey, you will have this outfit for years to come! This gorgeous two piece set is from Review Australia which is sure to be a stand out ensemble - if I do say so myself. This stunning Dixie lace crop matches perfectly with the Long Island Floral skirt, they match perfectly with either white/ silver/ nude clutch, fascinator or heels.


1 Nov 2015

Race Day guide for Gentlemen

Something different for you fellas out there, wanting to look sharp this Race Day.

Whether you're going to the Melbourne Cup or going to hit the members-only bar for the races you are going to look the part. First outfit is for Derby Day, keep it classic and simple with a monochromatic look, black and white. Pay attention to detail with your suiting, keep in mind the cuff  links, the jacket and the tie needs to be on point. Keep the outfit smart and neat, this is the time to dress smart and not wear jeans or sand shoes. 

Look sharp for Melbourne Cup Day. Take a risk with your suit and go for a bright shade of colour or prints. This is where you can mix and match bright colours with printed bow-tie's and pocket square, arrange from checks, spots or stripes. 


31 Oct 2015

Racing Season is upon us

A little insight on what to wear to the races that stops the nation. I have had my eye on this floral beauty since I saw it in stores and have been itching to grab it before my size disappeared. Luckily I held off long enough for it to go on sale and it so happened that it was a sale day for CUE that I grab this little gem and called it mine just in time for the races. 


21 Oct 2015


The call of God: Dream seems distant

I just want to say don't give up and never give in because greatness might just be around the corner!
I know sometimes the vision seems a million miles away but I urge you to keep at it whatever your hearts desire. What to do when you're in need of motivation, is not to turn your back from the dream; you must run to God who gives you guidance, strength, hope, love, healing and maintains to keep giving those things to you when you seek His kingdom first.

Following Jesus, gives us not a certification that grants us a "pass go" straight through to the good stuff, you go through the difficulties with Jesus; for in him, we are guaranteed to find the comfort and support in those moments.

God believes you can do it which means you can most certainly achieve it, because all things are possible. Chase the One who orchestrates the dream not just the dream itself. What makes it a good dream/ vision, is if God who birthed it; He calls you to run with it. Do not be anxious for God has a plan for you. 


19 Oct 2015


These are my go-to beauty items I turn to when I am in need of a touch up throughout the day. Although in the morning I do use other makeup items; the ones in my beauty bag are my 'on the go beauty/makeup needs'. I love looking through other peoples makeup bags when I see a video or blogpost, so why not take a peep through mine.

12 Oct 2015

Love Denim

These jeans are my new essential this Spring, you can't go wrong with a pair of jeans from day to night. It's all about how to style these jeans either casual or dressy; the options are endless. 
Definitely a good staple to have in the wardrobe for any season! This outfit is so comfortable (I'm all about being comfortable in what I am wearing) but still keeping it classic. 


5 Oct 2015

Perfect Mix of Style

A snapshot of what I am currently loving from Review Australia. Be a bit different and mix your prints; I love these two combinations. The Park Lane Royce top is loose fitting so you can be sure you won't have to worry that you will melt away when the weather heats up. You can match this top back with anything you have in your wardrobe, I'm sure. The print of this Royce top is stunning to accessorize with a pair of coral or navy shoes or even a vintage inspired bag. These Kensington Check Capri's are amazing; comfortable and stylish; great way to dress up a Spring outfit, lunch with the girls or to work.


30 Sep 2015

Stripes for Spring

Spring is here, finally. One of my favourite outfits to wear this Spring would have to be this Piper stripe skirt from Myer and this comfortable and on trend off the shoulder top from French Connection. This outfit can be taken from day to night with a simple swap from sandals to heels and a clutch to add a chic element. I can't wait for the warmer weather.

Love, Kathy x

Top: French Connection
Skirt: Myer - PIPER
Sandals: Kmart
Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut - CUE


26 Sep 2015

Keep focused & stay organised

Life can be a little overwhelming and crazy at times, but to make it a whole lot easier on yourself follow these tips to overcome those "..I'm at the point of loosing it, not enough time to do this.." has anyone else been in that dilemma or just me? 

Over the years I have found that these things help to keep me organised and focused on the mere important day-to-day things. You can utilise these tips for school, work or university. Time to reboot your way of doing things. Plan your day or week from start to finish, you'll be surprised at how many things you can accomplish. 

1. Wake up right - 
Set your alarm for the following day. Pretty simple really, give yourself enough time to wake up from a superb sleep and ready to tackle a new fabulous day. This sets your body to be balanced and on a schedule. If I have to be out the door by 8am I set my alarm for 6:45 - 7am this allows me enough time to shower/get ready and do my makeup/eat breakfast; this is so important, which I'll discuss shortly.

2. Breakfast is so important - 
I know you hear this all the time "you must eat your breakfast, otherwise your brain won't function...' yeah who's mum also used to drill this into you before school/uni or work? But it's true! Somedays I miss breakfast when I hit that snooze button - hey don't act like you don't want a couple more minutes sleeping, but honestly I regret it once I am on the highway, luckily I pack a snack like a banana or an apple (which is so handy to have in your bag) 

3. Getting dressed - 
When you need to be out the door the next morning, there is no time to be fussing what to wear, would this match with that or deciding how to do your hair... This is where being organised comes in handy and makes you feel that your outfit is the right way you wanted it and you feel less stressed in the next morning. Prepare your outfit the night before, hang it up on your rail/door somewhere you can see it 'come alive' being a visual person helps. Also check the weather forecast incase you might have to reorganise an outfit. Brisbane weather can be so bipolar it's insane. 

4. Work space - 
For me I started in a new work space in February and it was a new experience, being able to turn it into a space where I can organise and plan where things are meant to be so everyone can find it accordingly; girl let me tell you, I couldn't find where important documents were filed, or how to file an important email so the inbox wasn't overly packed - it definitely had to have a revamp. This was an exciting bit. I got to place things where it had to be, where it was visible for others to locate and find when necessary. Making sure that at the end of the day it was tidy and clean for the next day of trade. When a workspace/ study desk or your office is clean and tidy it makes a big difference! You feel less stressed, know where things are kept, your mind is clear and ready to focus for the new day. 
It makes your work space feel more comfortable and relaxing knowing that you will be focused on getting those assignments done/ presentation for you boss that's due in 3 days - to be able to complete those tasks without distractions is, I guess calming in a way. 

5. Prepare lists - 
Create lists either the night before/ the day of or even on a Sunday for your week ahead. This helps manage your time and prioritise the jobs from 'most important to last thing I need to do'. This is a big help when it comes to being organised it just sets your mind clearly on the things you need to accomplish in your day or week. 

6. Take a break -
You deserve it! I know you work so hard to accomplish the tasks/ assignments/ errands that had to be done and now that they are done or almost done you need to take a breather. Yes you hear me, a break can do wondrous things to your mental and physical being. I'm sure you can find 10-20 minutes away from what you were doing to just go outside take in the sunshine, go for a walk, chat to friends/ catch up on your missed messages and definitely eat something nutritious!

7. Eat healthy - 
It's all well and good to be organised but to be focused is to have the right balance with work and your physical and mental being. Eating something healthy can help you stay alert, fuel you with plenty of energy and make you less likely to binge on those cookies on your workmates desk - cookies are good but in small doses '...no I wasn't eyeing off your cookies'. But you get my point, eat healthy snacks, like fruit, salads, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and it wouldn't hurt to have a green tea. 

That's all from me, I hope you are all well and I'll chat to you guys next time. 

Kathy x


30 Aug 2015


Sweeten thy soul

Delicious treats are to be spent with friends and that's exactly what I did. My friend and I went to San Churro the other night and it was so good!! Mind you this was my first time going there as Max Brenner has my heart, but I enjoyed myself and was really full afterwards (I didn't have dinner before this, possibly the worst mistake I made - sorry mum, but it delicious regardless). 

I definitely won't be eating my dessert before dinner again thats for sure. 
Have you eaten dessert before your dinner? 


In with the New out with the Old: Beauty edition

It's been a month since I've posted a blogpost and I am so sorry it's that life gets in the way but tonight it seems like a perfect time to upload what I have recently been loving and hopefully I will rave about in the upcoming months, beauty wise.

The first little collection I have is my Mascara's. I didn't realise I had this many until my sister asked if I had her mascara in my makeup draw... Growing up I had no idea what makeup was, what to do with it or how to apply it. I've been growing my beauty collection since a couple of years so this isn't a whim of 'let's go to the shops and buy multiple items before really thinking what I need... hehe'

List of Mascara's - Oldest to Newest

1. Maybelline New York Falsies (Constantly re-buying both normal & waterproof)
Ever since I bought this beauty, I have constantly re-bought it because I simply can't have enough! It's that good and the price is reasonable for being a drugstore mascara and way better than a High end Mascara... Yep I said it - Girls try it out, you won't regret it!

2. Loreal Volume million lashes
Although a tad pricer than I expected this Mascara does wonders! The brush makes your eyelashes curled and makes your eyes pop. 

3. Benefit They're real! Mascara 
Couldn't be more happier with this purchase, definitely wanted to know what all the hype was with this brand in particular They're Real! collection. Totally lived up to it's hype, the brush really nice and makes my eyelashes look luscious but a pain to take off.

4. Maybelline New York The Colossal (Constantly re-buying this)
Loved it, a definite keeper! Maybelline hasn't let me down since Falsies and definitely has won me on this Mascara! You can't go wrong with this affordable fantastic mascara - your bank account will thank you for it.

5. Too Faced Better than sex
This hyped-up all talked about mascara had to be mine. Since waiting about 2-3 months to be on a waiting list to receive this mascara, I thought to myself 'this mascara has to be worth the price and the rage about it, to be really good'. At first use I was slightly disappointed, notwith the packaging or the price but how it didn't make my eyelashes voluminous straight faway after a coat or two - I popped aside and returned back to my trusty Maybelline's. Too Faced BTS grew on me, after multiple use and coats upon coats my eyelashes look fabulous! Note to self - remember everyone's opinions are different, products would either work/ be a failure. 

6. Clarins 

Impulse buy as the Clarins beauty artist had the most luminous lashes and needless to say this mascara made it's way home with me.

7. Maybelline Lash Sensational

I want to welcome this brand new gem to my collection. Definitely keeping with my trusted brand Maybelline it's surely to succeed my expectations this year. It is the mascara that I have been gravitating towards most days and it doesn't disappoint!


26 Aug 2015

Re-Cap: MBFF Fashion Festival, MYER Show

This was the moment I was waiting for most of the year, to attend the MBFF festival in August.  The Myer show kicked off the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival in Brisbane, on Monday night. It was a terrific night, marking MBFF 10th  year anniversary with well-known Australian designers including Alex Perry, Sass & Bide and many others whom showcased their Spring/Summer 16' collections. 

Are you planning to go to a Fashion show? If so where, leave a comment down below? I would definitely love to go to London fashion week; you never know what could happen in the future! Dream big!


8 Jul 2015

Winter Fashion| Part 1

What I Wore:
Cape: Witchery
Boots: Myer/ Misshop
Top: Target
Shorts: Grab/ Myer
The trend of winter this year, is all about capes. Instead of wearing bulky coats this winter why not throw on a stylish cape to stay warm indoors or a night out. This cape is one of my favourite chic pieces for this season and I couldn't be more happier to have it. It's the perfect item to have to transform a casual outfit into a cooler look in seconds. 

5 Jul 2015

The Stately Cape | REVIEW

Hi friends! 

I am absolutely loving this Stately Cape from Review Australia, it's so warm and cosy. Definitely wouldn't think twice about getting this little gem, as it's possibly the first time that Review has made a cape for Winter; who wouldn't be excited to have a limited edition item and I love how this cape keeps my body toasty during the winter breeze.

I cannot wait to travel to the colder climates and wear this stunning cape. This wool blend texture cape has detachable faux fur trim on the collar and on the arms, perfect to give the outfit a different style each time you wear it.


The Winter Saviour

I haven’t done an outfit post in a while and thought this striped white Cooper St dress would be the ideal. You can't go wrong with a white dress, The Love in Vain dress is the perfect style to take you from day to night with different accessories to spice up this gorgeous dress. This dress is a must have staple to keep for years to come. I am in love with it!

This long sleeve shirt-dress is so comfortable. I love how it features the dropped pockets and a fabric tie belt to cinch you in the waist. Since it's winter I paired the dress with brown ankle boots but you can simply wear it with sandals or heels for summer.

I hope you all are having a lovely week xx


17 Jun 2015

Missguided Wishlist

There are so many items I could see in my wardrobe from Missguided but who am I kidding it's a wishlist for a reason. It's still winter here in Australia but I can't help myself but look for inspiration for Spring/Summer. I want to share what has been catching my eye lately on Missguided and what I have saved on my favourites for the a few weeks now. 

Let me know what you think about my picks in the comments below :)






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