26 Sep 2015

Keep focused & stay organised

Life can be a little overwhelming and crazy at times, but to make it a whole lot easier on yourself follow these tips to overcome those "..I'm at the point of loosing it, not enough time to do this.." has anyone else been in that dilemma or just me? 

Over the years I have found that these things help to keep me organised and focused on the mere important day-to-day things. You can utilise these tips for school, work or university. Time to reboot your way of doing things. Plan your day or week from start to finish, you'll be surprised at how many things you can accomplish. 

1. Wake up right - 
Set your alarm for the following day. Pretty simple really, give yourself enough time to wake up from a superb sleep and ready to tackle a new fabulous day. This sets your body to be balanced and on a schedule. If I have to be out the door by 8am I set my alarm for 6:45 - 7am this allows me enough time to shower/get ready and do my makeup/eat breakfast; this is so important, which I'll discuss shortly.

2. Breakfast is so important - 
I know you hear this all the time "you must eat your breakfast, otherwise your brain won't function...' yeah who's mum also used to drill this into you before school/uni or work? But it's true! Somedays I miss breakfast when I hit that snooze button - hey don't act like you don't want a couple more minutes sleeping, but honestly I regret it once I am on the highway, luckily I pack a snack like a banana or an apple (which is so handy to have in your bag) 

3. Getting dressed - 
When you need to be out the door the next morning, there is no time to be fussing what to wear, would this match with that or deciding how to do your hair... This is where being organised comes in handy and makes you feel that your outfit is the right way you wanted it and you feel less stressed in the next morning. Prepare your outfit the night before, hang it up on your rail/door somewhere you can see it 'come alive' being a visual person helps. Also check the weather forecast incase you might have to reorganise an outfit. Brisbane weather can be so bipolar it's insane. 

4. Work space - 
For me I started in a new work space in February and it was a new experience, being able to turn it into a space where I can organise and plan where things are meant to be so everyone can find it accordingly; girl let me tell you, I couldn't find where important documents were filed, or how to file an important email so the inbox wasn't overly packed - it definitely had to have a revamp. This was an exciting bit. I got to place things where it had to be, where it was visible for others to locate and find when necessary. Making sure that at the end of the day it was tidy and clean for the next day of trade. When a workspace/ study desk or your office is clean and tidy it makes a big difference! You feel less stressed, know where things are kept, your mind is clear and ready to focus for the new day. 
It makes your work space feel more comfortable and relaxing knowing that you will be focused on getting those assignments done/ presentation for you boss that's due in 3 days - to be able to complete those tasks without distractions is, I guess calming in a way. 

5. Prepare lists - 
Create lists either the night before/ the day of or even on a Sunday for your week ahead. This helps manage your time and prioritise the jobs from 'most important to last thing I need to do'. This is a big help when it comes to being organised it just sets your mind clearly on the things you need to accomplish in your day or week. 

6. Take a break -
You deserve it! I know you work so hard to accomplish the tasks/ assignments/ errands that had to be done and now that they are done or almost done you need to take a breather. Yes you hear me, a break can do wondrous things to your mental and physical being. I'm sure you can find 10-20 minutes away from what you were doing to just go outside take in the sunshine, go for a walk, chat to friends/ catch up on your missed messages and definitely eat something nutritious!

7. Eat healthy - 
It's all well and good to be organised but to be focused is to have the right balance with work and your physical and mental being. Eating something healthy can help you stay alert, fuel you with plenty of energy and make you less likely to binge on those cookies on your workmates desk - cookies are good but in small doses '...no I wasn't eyeing off your cookies'. But you get my point, eat healthy snacks, like fruit, salads, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and it wouldn't hurt to have a green tea. 

That's all from me, I hope you are all well and I'll chat to you guys next time. 

Kathy x


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