31 Oct 2015

Racing Season is upon us

A little insight on what to wear to the races that stops the nation. I have had my eye on this floral beauty since I saw it in stores and have been itching to grab it before my size disappeared. Luckily I held off long enough for it to go on sale and it so happened that it was a sale day for CUE that I grab this little gem and called it mine just in time for the races. 


21 Oct 2015


The call of God: Dream seems distant

I just want to say don't give up and never give in because greatness might just be around the corner!
I know sometimes the vision seems a million miles away but I urge you to keep at it whatever your hearts desire. What to do when you're in need of motivation, is not to turn your back from the dream; you must run to God who gives you guidance, strength, hope, love, healing and maintains to keep giving those things to you when you seek His kingdom first.

Following Jesus, gives us not a certification that grants us a "pass go" straight through to the good stuff, you go through the difficulties with Jesus; for in him, we are guaranteed to find the comfort and support in those moments.

God believes you can do it which means you can most certainly achieve it, because all things are possible. Chase the One who orchestrates the dream not just the dream itself. What makes it a good dream/ vision, is if God who birthed it; He calls you to run with it. Do not be anxious for God has a plan for you. 


19 Oct 2015


These are my go-to beauty items I turn to when I am in need of a touch up throughout the day. Although in the morning I do use other makeup items; the ones in my beauty bag are my 'on the go beauty/makeup needs'. I love looking through other peoples makeup bags when I see a video or blogpost, so why not take a peep through mine.

12 Oct 2015

Love Denim

These jeans are my new essential this Spring, you can't go wrong with a pair of jeans from day to night. It's all about how to style these jeans either casual or dressy; the options are endless. 
Definitely a good staple to have in the wardrobe for any season! This outfit is so comfortable (I'm all about being comfortable in what I am wearing) but still keeping it classic. 


5 Oct 2015

Perfect Mix of Style

A snapshot of what I am currently loving from Review Australia. Be a bit different and mix your prints; I love these two combinations. The Park Lane Royce top is loose fitting so you can be sure you won't have to worry that you will melt away when the weather heats up. You can match this top back with anything you have in your wardrobe, I'm sure. The print of this Royce top is stunning to accessorize with a pair of coral or navy shoes or even a vintage inspired bag. These Kensington Check Capri's are amazing; comfortable and stylish; great way to dress up a Spring outfit, lunch with the girls or to work.

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