30 Jun 2014


Self explanatory. Start of the week, be creative, be colourful with your wardrobe! :)

Disclaimer: Not my photos.

Start the day with a positive thought! 

Kathy x

Some people love Winter.

Winter blues.

You either love Winter or you don't. For me personally I don't particularly enjoy it, but it is bareable where I live, which is a bonus! It doesn't snow where I live which is a downside.. Don't be fooled by the sunny weather and blue skies; the wind comes out to play and blows in a chill that stays no matter how hard you try to keep warm in the sun! 

Winter didn't show up until late this year... In Australia our Winter months are June/July and August. Considering last Winter it was cold by the time it was late April/May. I am so so grateful I live in a sunny state, as it doesn't get that cold as it does in other cities - Sydney or Melbourne!

Took a trip to Byron Bay, it was super windy and there wasn't that many people so that was a huge plus!

What I enjoy about winter.

Wearing tons of clothes (but in reality we are hiding those extra kilos)
Lots of coats (depending where you live)
Use the excuse of -I can't go out tonight it's "too cold"
It's perfectly fine to have as much tea or coffee as you like

Having heaps of blankets

What I don't like about Winter.

Dry skin
Messy hair
Chapped lips
People coughing and sneezing everywhere; especially on trains
Snotty children
Having no motivation to do anything

I had to put some things that I didn't like about winter, because winter is not all peachy.

I hope you're all keeping warm but if you're in top half of the world, I hope you are having a blast in the sun! Leave a comment down below of what you enjoy about winter and which season do you prefer?

Kathy x


14 Jun 2014


These past few days have been life changing (ever since knowing the Lord) - and it's all Thanks to God our father and saviour!

He has done incredible things throughout my life and I am always catching my breath to realize how much.. He loves us. Oh how much he loves you and I. It's like a weight is lifted off to know your identity through Christ, your purpose to know why and what your created to do. How come things happen like this or that and why good and bad happen.

Being like a bird to soar far and wide, to feel the wind beneath your wings, to see all what He has created, to know you are loved beyond measure - fearfully and beautifully made. 
To feel the pressure taken off you when you know that in life somethings aren't up to you, they are made in his plans, that everything has a meaning and purpose for your life - good and bad. 

It's freeing to know you are not alone, you have someone who has your best interests at heart, you are a son or a daughter, you have someone to turn to when things get mixed up. 

Kathy x


3 Jun 2014

Have a Berrrrrry Day!


If you have nothing to do on a Monday, why not go strawberry picking!!
Although it is the second day of it officially being Winter, the sun was beaming bright and feeling like a lovely summer's day. So my sister and I decided to take a drive to a strawberry field to pick some scrumptious strawberries! And my oh my, they were delicious! 

I mainly, walked around took photos, filmed for my sister and of course was the driver,
so it was safe to say who was the main picker of them all.. I picked a couple here and there not to worry. 

Okay, so we did end up buying some strawberries aswell! They tasted sooooo good with the Belgium Chocolate fudge ;)

Outfit of the day guys! I didn't realise, I was mostly wearing Forever New - they have amazing clothing that your wardrobe definitely needs!

Top: Forever New
Skort: Forever New
Scarf: Forever New
Boots: Op Shop

 What did you get up to on Monday? Have you ever gone strawberry picking?

 Love Kathy


2 Jun 2014

My Active Life

Whilst out for dinner one night, I stumbled across a flyer CLIMB FOR CANCER that you couldn't miss. I thought about it for a while then I decided why not do it - before I knew it I was entering my details down, selecting which category I was to climb against... Fast forward 5 weeks and bam it is 2 days before CLIMB FOR CANCER begins. What is CFC? It's a fundraising event where, no matter what your fitness levels are; you climb 810 stairs which is 37 floors up (for people you know/have had cancer) - bit intimidating right - on the day it sure was, the adrenaline pumping and butterflies growing but it's all worth it!

The reason I registered was because I've know people who have/had cancer and one of them being my Dad; he had cancer for about 2 years but has overcome and is going back for weekly checkups to keep things in track! Also whilst registering, it struck me that this wouldn't be as hard or as challenging compared to what cancer patients have to go through - so this was a bit of motivational boost!

So I've signed up five weeks prior to this event, my mind back then was cool calm and collected, thinking yeah I'll be fine, it's just stairs... Boy was I wrong, I decided to get my body and mind into gear and "train" for how challenging it would be. My diet didn't change too drastically, I'd let myself indulge when I want in moderation ;)

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