30 Jun 2014

Some people love Winter.

Winter blues.

You either love Winter or you don't. For me personally I don't particularly enjoy it, but it is bareable where I live, which is a bonus! It doesn't snow where I live which is a downside.. Don't be fooled by the sunny weather and blue skies; the wind comes out to play and blows in a chill that stays no matter how hard you try to keep warm in the sun! 

Winter didn't show up until late this year... In Australia our Winter months are June/July and August. Considering last Winter it was cold by the time it was late April/May. I am so so grateful I live in a sunny state, as it doesn't get that cold as it does in other cities - Sydney or Melbourne!

Took a trip to Byron Bay, it was super windy and there wasn't that many people so that was a huge plus!

What I enjoy about winter.

Wearing tons of clothes (but in reality we are hiding those extra kilos)
Lots of coats (depending where you live)
Use the excuse of -I can't go out tonight it's "too cold"
It's perfectly fine to have as much tea or coffee as you like

Having heaps of blankets

What I don't like about Winter.

Dry skin
Messy hair
Chapped lips
People coughing and sneezing everywhere; especially on trains
Snotty children
Having no motivation to do anything

I had to put some things that I didn't like about winter, because winter is not all peachy.

I hope you're all keeping warm but if you're in top half of the world, I hope you are having a blast in the sun! Leave a comment down below of what you enjoy about winter and which season do you prefer?

Kathy x


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