14 Jun 2014


These past few days have been life changing (ever since knowing the Lord) - and it's all Thanks to God our father and saviour!

He has done incredible things throughout my life and I am always catching my breath to realize how much.. He loves us. Oh how much he loves you and I. It's like a weight is lifted off to know your identity through Christ, your purpose to know why and what your created to do. How come things happen like this or that and why good and bad happen.

Being like a bird to soar far and wide, to feel the wind beneath your wings, to see all what He has created, to know you are loved beyond measure - fearfully and beautifully made. 
To feel the pressure taken off you when you know that in life somethings aren't up to you, they are made in his plans, that everything has a meaning and purpose for your life - good and bad. 

It's freeing to know you are not alone, you have someone who has your best interests at heart, you are a son or a daughter, you have someone to turn to when things get mixed up. 

Kathy x


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