24 Jan 2015

Long Weekend Fun

Hello friends of the internet, 

 It's the lonngggg weekend ahead (well for us Australian's, that is). Yes it's the AUSTRALIA DAY WEEKEND! 
Time to celebrate us as a nation but to also honour the lost generation. 
Immensely grateful to call this place my home.
So what do you have planned for this long weekend ahead? Camping, sleeping, fishing, picnic's with family/friends - anything is possible!

Outfit items - 

Dress: Glassons
Kimono: Temt
Shoes: Famous Footwear

Leave in the comments below what are you planning to do this weekend?



17 Jan 2015


Today’s mid - week post is probably one of my favourites to date, purely because it features two of my favourite things – maxi dresses and this soothing print!


1 Jan 2015

Resolutions on New Year's

Ohhhh the good ol' make the new year's resolution and see how long it'll last' is fast approaching. Like honestly where did 2014 go? I think I was stuck between June and July then it rapidly fast forward to the end of December... The typical resolutions, are bound to come out again this year coming (I will loose weight, fall in love or travel more), but I think we should change our mindset on these goals for the new year. We should take a closer look into our daily life and make realistic resolutions for ourselves. With that being said, I thought to compile a list for anyone to choose from:

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