29 Jan 2016

My Room Tour | 2016

Hi everyone!  I've wanted to do a bedroom tour for quite some time on my blog and over on YouTube but just never really got round to it. Well, today is the day. Do check out my YouTube channel to see the whole setup.

I finally painted my walls all white and  it makes it a bit more cozy and relaxing. I never want to leave my bed but the day duties must go on... 

Bedframe from Super Amart
Snowflake lights are from IKEA
Bedsheets are from Laura Ashley (so cute and on the other side are stripes)

Little side view of my setup
From beauty makeup corner to books and technology

Makeup desk with mirror was from a little home storage place (which I do not remember or they might've closed down) I'm pretty sure you can find similar ones from IKEA/ Target or your local interior stores. It also came with a little stool which I didn't personally like and I don't usually sit down and take hours to do my makeup.
Most of these beauty items are from Priceline/Myer
Storage container that holds my nail polishes are from Big W
Makeup Brush holder is from the one and only IKEA


Right under this whiteboard/corkboard is my little book stand. Definitely needing to cover some of the corkboard side with some other motivational quotes or pictures I love.

Although my study desk is in my study room I like to place MacBook here so I can easily attain it if need be, some call it lazy I call it looks better here and saves me time. Ok maybe a little lazy. 
I love that little polka dot diary from Kikki K, it feels better when you plan your day/week or month out even though I do save dates through my iPhone calendar too. You can never be to organized. Little flowers/vase and green hedge are from IKEA (I can't wait for IKEA to open up on the Northside of Brisbane!!!)

Bookshelf from Officeworks

  Make sure to check out my YouTube channel for the sneak peek into my bedroom where I walk you around the room properly. I hope you like it! Don't forget to subscribe, just click here to subscribe to my channel.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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