24 Apr 2016

Autumn is Approaching

Dress - Myer
Jacket - Myer (similar)
Boots - Myer
Funnily enough these items were bought at different times but fit perfectly together as the weather cools down.

I enjoy shopping at Myer as you can find anything and everything there! I also own this dress in khaki because it's so perfect for any occasion and khaki is an autumn/winter colour! Knit dresses are so comfortable and easy to style weather you're entering cooler months like I am or about to have spring blooming through your neighbourhood. This one in particular is so light compared to other knit dresses I've seen throughout stores.

This jacket adds an extra warmth, not that I need it just yet but in those afternoon strolls, it's the best option to keep you still stylish and snug. Boots in general are the most comfiest thing to walk in, am I right? I am definitely on the lookout for some tan/beige ones at the moment.

Cheeky little selfie never hurt nobody.


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