20 Oct 2014

Flower Power

Take a deep breathe... and let it all go.  Take a step outside and embrace what is around you, go adventure outside of the city. Please enjoy nature, the trees, the beach, the birds, the sun but most of all the fresh air that surrounds you like a blanket!? I rather be at the beach or hiking through nature as the big city can be a hassle / chaotic, in which some days I feel trapped, I feel tiny but when I'm surrounded by God's creation, I feel alive, I feel mighty!!
John Butler Trio - Good Excuse is my go to tune for any road trips (or any other songs of theirs)

So good!

Hat: A gift from a friend
Top: Pepper mayo
Skirt: Op Shop
Shoes: Spendless

Leave in the comments below what do you prefer, the city or nature? PS. Any great artists similar to them would be much appreciated :)

Love Kathy x


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