13 Oct 2014

Liquid Foundation Reviews

Hello beautiful people,

I thought to talk about all of my liquid foundations. Obviously I don't own that many, but you can see which ones I prefer over the others.With that being said, I do still want to purchase a couple in the future, but for now these do the job perfectly!

First of all, make up is a luxury. It is not a real necessity, we do not need it hence that is why it is a luxury item to have, regardless of income. I have purchased these foundations with my own money and over quite a while. I have 5 liquid foundations and 1 BB cream that I absolutely love. 

Let's start off with the first three of the bunch. Two drugstore brands and one "high-end" brand. RIMMEL London Wake Me Up foundation, was possibly the first liquid foundation I ever bought, thanks to certain youtubers at the time raving on how amazing it makes you look - and in fact they were right! It suitable for days when you're running late for work or school, it makes your face look more radiant like you spent the weekend at the beach. Definitely a great buy! Moving onto MAC. Now buying MAC for the first time I was hesitant as I didn't know what to get, the "affordable-price pinch" and well is it really worth it? Let me tell you, it totally is! Although this is my first MAC liquid foundation, I will no doubt go back to purchase something ludacris in the future, everyone usually splurges on a MAC product every now and then! Like the Rimmel London WMU foundation, the Match Master by MAC has SPF15 which creates a rich-gooy glow to it, which lasts practically all day. You definitely get what you pay for! Oh Natio, how you were an impulse buy. Yes, it was an impulse but not that I'm regretting it, it was just that I didn't need it - I decided to purchase this baby as I felt bored and wandered into a chemist, wanting to find something new (pass the time). I know I know, do not do this. But hey! It has natural coverage, lightweight, affordable and does indeed have a luminous tint to it as well. 

Now onto my 3 go-to foundations to date. Can I get a whoop whoop!

I purchased the Thalgo BB Cream from the beauty treatment place I go to every now & then. I'm so grateful I did, because it is amazing for when you're in a rush and don't have the time to put extravagant amount of work to do your whole makeup routine - this is a lifesaver plus it has SPF15 so I know I am covered, it's not expensive, glowy tint to it, coverage is on point and the range definitely covers my skin tone. Happy days! RIMMEL London hoe I can count on you when I am in need of a true pick me up. I picked up the MATCH Perfection as I was curious to see what the hype was about and it surely doesn't disappoint! It's kind of the same as the Wake Me Up foundation but this one has more of a glow to it, totally on point with my skin tone (whereas the WMU foundation is lighter) and is affordable being that it is a drug-store foundation.

Okay last one, I hope you guys are still with me! So this one is quite special, the Revelon Photoready Airbrush Effect foundation (what a mouthful) this little guy, has a smooth texture with hints of sparkle throughout (hence the airbrush effect and it being for special occasions) buildable, the price was a bit much - but that's Revelon for you. Oh and I pair this one with my Revelon Photoready powder - check out my September favourites to have a look see. 

Do you have a favourite foundation in your collection? If so, leave a comment below. 
Love Kathy xx


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