23 Nov 2014

Beauty comes from within

Your skin doesn't define you..

Ever since I can remember, my skin has been on a roller coaster from tiny breakouts to "don't look at me, breakouts". I am at the point of where my face shouldn't/doesn't define who I am. It's your personality that reflects who you are. I do take good care of my skin and I shouldn't worry what other people think, I should be comfortable in my own skin no matter what I look like. This is me. Yes hormones like to play nasty tricks on us, but that is life - either some people are born with great skin or some like me will have acne at some stage... We don't need to cover our face constantly, makeup is a creative tool, design to experiment, to highlight features but we shouldn't always use it as a mask. Everyone is different and it has taken a while to process that - that I am not the only one who has breakouts, moles or freckles. It's beautiful to be yourself, there is only one of you, God has made each of us uniquely individual, go out there and be your beautiful self!
Be comfortable and confident in who you are! 
The one thing that does have an huge impact the way people see themselves is social media, it influences how "we" should be/ act/ look like. You and I should be confident in our own skin. Once and a while we have to let our skin breathe, instead of putting makeup on every single day. Nobody's perfect (Thanks Jessie J). My skin definitely doesn't define who I am and neither should yours! 

Okay so I just wanted to get this message out there, for all you lovely people.
Don't let anyone dull your sparkle :)
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday or Saturday?
Love Kathy x

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