28 Aug 2013

Abundant August

Hello everyone!

This past month has been one amusing roller coaster, nevertheless it is great to finally see the end of the ride!! Although it hasn't been too hectic like some peoples calenders... My calender went something like this; Three different dentist appointments (one including all 4 wisdom teeth being taken out, Ouch I know!), getting my car serviced, the Ekka and also not having internet for the last week... So I guess that's why I haven't posted what is up, but I'm back! :) 

I decided to treat myself with some goodies from LUSH! I decided to finally buy some things that I've wanted for a few months and what can I say, I am quite pleased that I bought these. 

 Without further a do... Let me introduce you to BIG, RETREAD AND BUBBLEGUM.


BIG is a sea salt shampoo.
I love love love this product, it is the best thing for my hair; especially if your hair is lacking volume, quite oily and you want more shine. This shampoo cleans my hair so well, plus I don't have to wash my hair that often (I use it on a Sunday night, then again Tuesday morning) Hallelujah! I use about x2 .50c amount for my hair as it is quite long. The shampoo smells like the ocean, with a citrus twist. This tub will hopefully last me about 3-4 months, it costs about $27 which is a tad expensive for a shampoo, but honey it is worth it!


Now this conditioner is puuurfect for your hair. This musky-foral scent conditioner will keep your hair smooth and silky like you have just come home from the salon. Make sure to use it if your hair is dry, rough and wrecked. I'm glad I bought BIG and RETREAD together, as they work amazingly together! I use about .20c amount from my earlobes downwards - don't use it on the scalp as it is a conditioner, and it is quite oily!


My final but not the last product I bought from LUSH was the Bubblegum lip scrub. This tastes, smells, and looks amazing! I am very grateful I bought this scrub and I know my lips feel so much better after I use this. If you use "matte" lipsticks this is the product for you - after scrubbing this sugary sensation onto your lips, your lipstick or lipbalm will sit on your lips just nicely. No one wants dry, dead skin on their lips. 
This lip scrub was $9.95 - It's a great price for what it does and it will last me quite a while.
Definitely worth the hype!!

With that being said, I hope you all are having an awesome day and if you decide to buy these products let me know in the comments below what you think about them - or if you have some LUSH products and are worth the hype -  I will surely welcome them to my collection.

Love Kathy


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