4 Apr 2014

The TeaTox Craze

Hi everybody,

I have thought about trying out a "TeaTox" as it has been talked about over social media excessively for the past 6 months or so. This will be my own personal opinion and why I've chosen to go with this particular "brand" rather than another one.

First do your research, whether or not they use laxatives (which is a not comfortable, it's not fun and not pretty) check reviews on their social media blogs and question yourself as to why you're deciding to do a TeaTox :) If you are going to try a teatox to primarily loose weight, I don't think it would specifically target to just lose weight; eating clean, doing exercise and treating your body correctly will help you loose the weight.

 It's always exciting receiving new goodies!!

My personal choice to why I've chosen YourTea which I've gone with Tiny Tea the 28day tea-tox. I love drinking tea, whether it's black tea, green tea or camomile tea throughout the day/night or week is fantastic habit to have and can result in having good skin and balance your health. However, when I am feeling particularly sluggish or I'm breaking out, or I haven't had a very good diet etc, I turn to a green tea or now my Tiny Tea!! At first I was skeptical on how it will work, whether or not it'll do what it's supposed to do; more energy, restoring your body system which will help in decreasing bloating (every ladies night mare haha) and maintain your skin, to look clearer...But it did all of the above!

Where I keep most of the tea - ain't she pretty!

I purchased the 28 Day pack but I am up to Day 11 and Your Tea has done wonders on how I feel on the inside which shines through on the outside - compliments by my family :) It's ticked all the right boxes for me, especially with helping indigestion and boosting my energy levels - normally I don't like getting up in the morning but I get up boil the kettle and have myself some tea and I'm rearing to go throughout the day... I usually toss between green tea and tiny tea throughout the day/s and I either have it (30mins) before meals or if I'm so hungry I'd have it after meals (goodbye bloating!!) I hope this has helped in some way, if not leave your comments down below and I'll be sure to answer them as best I can!

Top: 1st Day of Tiny Tea
Middle: 5th Day of Tiny Tea
Bottom: and 14th Day of Tiny Tea (I have 14 days left to go!)

Have any of you ever tried any tea's from YourTea or other brands?
If so, what did you think?

Kathy x

Disclaimer - I am not sponsored by Your Tea - all thoughts/opinions are my own.

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