18 May 2014

Get to know me

It's a chilly sunday night, why not share a few things about me, if you didn't know already ~


I am a fan of Michael Buble.
I could play Coldplay non-stop!
My favourite colour, if you haven't guessed it already is... GREEN!
I am shy but will be loud and random once I feel comfortable with you :)
Birds are weird.
My way to relax either get out n' about in nature or sit back feet up and watch great movies!
Right handed
I would love to see Justin Timberlake in concert!!
Giraffes are cool :)
I like being artistic

I love people with a sense of humor - must have
 Love Actually is a pretty decent movie!


...Now at least you have some idea of what makes me,me. 

Leave in the comments below, what are a few random things that make you, you! 

Love Kathy x


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