28 Dec 2013

The possibilities

Christmas is in the mere past, bring on 2014! Over the year I've wanted to pack up my things and just venture out into the unknown, to explore and see what the world has to offer this particular 19 year old... However since I didn't get to travel in 2013, I will make all of my goals come true in 2014.

Not in any particular order :)

Go see a football/soccer game in England
Go to the Buckingham Palace
Don't worry, Be Happy
See the Eiffel Tower

Buy a house
Learn multiple languages
Do more Lookbooks
Go on all of the rides at Dreamworld
Travel throughout Italy
First stop Rome
Try all the traditional delicacies
Travel to the Greek Islands
Stop by Budapest
Experience Dublin
See my Dad's side of the family
(Austria and  Serbia)
Go to Amsterdam
Must go to Madrid

Learn to surf
Travel to Moscow
Los Angeles is calling
Climb Mt Coolum

Find someone special

Beach Retreat with Church
Spend either Christmas/New Years in New York city
Learn to skateboard
Try fro-yo
Do a fashion course
A journalism course
Work overseas
Go to Dubai
Holiday at Hamilton Island
Go to Sydney and Melbourne
Visit Monte Carlo
Own all seasons of Gossip Girl

To Be Continued...

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