28 Dec 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas is a time to celebrate with the loved ones. Also the time to splurge on scrumptious food and gain a food baby. Don't worry there is always a New Year approaching and that's why we make New Years resolutions...

A trip to Brisbane's Queen Street Mall during Christmas season.

A group photo with the fambam

Playing Jenga with the little cousins :) 

Food time!!

1. Filo pastry filled with chicken mince
2. Pancit (Filipino dish)
3. Typical Prawns
4. Fried rice

I'll definitely be posting a few recipes throughout the new year! :)

Mother bear, the aunties, uncle cooking up a storm. It was delicious!

A belated Christmas present for my sisters husband. 
We all enjoyed an intense game of Foosball! Honestly, who wouldn't!


photo jared fowler

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and got spoilt rotten!! Comment below- What did you do on Christmas day? 

Love Kathy

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