17 Jul 2013

It's always the right time....

Hey guys,
So I know it can be a drag to workout whilst in the colder months; trust me my motivation has been all over the place, from being really motivated to I'll exercise the next day (this goes on for about 3 days, and that's bad). It's time to shape up ladies, you do not need to take the elevator, you do not need to drive to the corner store and you definitely don't need those treats... With self discipline we can do it! We can get your summer body you've always wanted, or to look good naked or to simply build your strength, having muscles won't make you any less attractive, so honey don't sweat it!

For me personally I love being able to exercise. Since a young age I've always been active, playing in the yard after school with the next door neighbours kids, riding my bike, getting involved in sport carnivals at school,  to being involved in soccer from grade 6 - 9 (because I decided to cut down on playing soccer for club and focus on my school work but having PE and touch football to keep me fit until I finish high school.

Exercising doesn't have to be such a drag, you can make it so much fun, with a few tips from down below I'm sure you'll find the motivation you need to get moving...  Keep in mind I'm not a personal trainer or dietitian, I'm just simply putting my 2c in.  

Everyone is different when it comes down to exercising, body image and physical strength; so for myself I use the marvelous internet to help me warm up, choose exercises for different parts of my body and also to eat healthy. Thanks to Casey Ho an all round bubbly fitness instructor and creator of Blogilates, if you haven't seen her on youtube you should definitely check out her motivational videos, you get results, they are so much fun and get you covered in sweat after a few videos... I'm sure you'll appreciate it when it comes to Summer time!

The best thing you can do before starting an exercise/workout routine (if that's what you are into, I sometimes go by Blogilates workout calenders - which are password protected if you sign up to her free newsletters - can unlock the monthly calenders, then bam you set) is to make time to workout, it might seem impossible, with your work or children to look after; but whatever it is, think about being able to not feel tired all the time, if you just put in at least 30-40 minutes of exercise into your daily routine (Morning, Lunch time, Evening)  it could work wonders! Boosting endorphins, can keep your energy levels flowing and fighting the constant feeling of being fatigue.

This next tip shouldn't come to you as a surprise, but you have to stay Hydrated. Staying hydrated is so important as well as eating right, but being hydrated will help with healthy digestion, glowing skin and fight fatigue! No matter where you are, keep a water bottle with you. I even keep a water bottle on the side of my bed. Also drink plenty of green tea!

I love working out; but I know sometimes it can be hard to be motivated. But why not let you all know a few stereotypical reasons to be active.

1. It makes me happy - who doesn't want to be happy
2. It makes me forget about everything; stress relief
3. To feel good naked
4. To loose weight - to get that bikini body back
5. It's entertaining - there are different ways to exercise!
6. Most of us workout to feel stronger or tonned.
7. There is no excuse to not be active - there is always Blogilates (I'll leave a link and more detail towards the end)
8. To keep my body healthy and balanced
9. It's part of my life now
10. Exercising makes me feel peaceful -it's my me time!
11. I am more comfortable and confident in my own skin
12. I love that it doesn't have to be an over exaggerated workout to get results - at least 30 minutes of fast paced walking can do wonders if you're running out of time.
13.I love the feeling of being sore after a workout, because I know that I have put in so much effort, to get the best results.
14. Can exercise with a friend or in a group - this helps as you don't want to let him/her/them down.

 There we have it. Let me know in the comments below what are your reasons you workout.

Love Kathy xxx

PS: I'm not a personal trainer or a dietitian, just writing my thoughts on exercise, health and being positive!


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