11 Nov 2013

25 Facts about me

What a better way to start my Monday morning then do a facts post. Yay! ...Anyways I hope you have a great Monday and that the rest of the week will be pretty great also. 

Okay so let's do this...

1. I rather dogs over cats - but I had a cat as my first pet when I was a kid
2. Arm pits and feet make me cringe so much! They just freak me out.
3. I'd rather action movies than rom/com (but don't get me wrong if there is a cute/ really good one on, I will definitely watch it)
4. I enjoy wearing bright colours but if you look in my wardrobe, amongst it all you will find mostly find black/white outfits (change is in order haha)
5. I am the middle child of three beautiful sisters!
6. I use to play touch football and soccer

7. Sometimes I'm not a patient person...

8. Twix are my favourite kind of chocolate

9. I prefer Spring then the rest of the seasons.. With that being said, I don't like having hay fever at the start - that's something I would definitely change.

10. I love food - mostly pizza, spaghetti nomnomnom
(moderation is key)

11. I have a relationship with Jesus - not religion.

12. I haven't seen snow before

13. I haven't been on a BIG kids rollercoaster before - I will sometime soon!

14. Favourite parfum would have to be Vera Wang princess at the moment

15. I would like to speak 5 different languages - Go big or Go home

16. I'm not that fond of ice-cream

17. I'd love to skate and surf

18. I'd rather paraglide than skydive

19. I like love one direction

20. I love Sushi

21. Favourite colour is green

22. I enjoy my sleep - if I don't get enough I would be a cranky bum in the morning.

23. I do not own a kangaroo and we certainly don't “Throw a shrimp on the barbaayyy!”
(if you're not from Australia, you'll probably think we do haha)

24. I love Giraffes

25. I can't wait to start travelling - Europe and Asia or America here I come!!

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