20 May 2015

WHAT TO WEAR | Cold Weather Dressing

Just when I thought to post some new content, I came down with tonsilitis... Terrible, horrible way to keep me from doing what I love! But Since we are approaching Autumn/Winter, our cold rainy days are not that bad here in Brisbane as opposed to Melbourne, New Zealand or Europe. I think I complain about the cold/rainy weather due to I am not one of those cold weather babies, I was born in the sunny state where the beach is half an hour away and you could always find warmth under the sun. 

The start of a new month and finally into Autumn months, I find the days are ending shorter the sun doesn't beam through my window until 6:30-7 which is difficult when I'm used to waking up to the sunlight and getting ready for a new day. Don't get me wrong, there are some perks of those chillier days; you get to wear boots, jeans, scarfs, jumpers, capes even coats! You get to sip on hot green tea, scones and watch your favourite chick-flick when you have a girls night in. Did I mention the clothes!! You get to throw on your favourite pair of jeans, cute little top, your fabulous new Wittner boots and you're good to strut your stuff girlfriend!

A few days ago my sister and I went for a little lunch date to our favourite cafe and what better way to snap a quick outfit post with this white wall :)
Talk about coincidence.


What I wore:

Cape: Witchery
Top: Cotton On
Skirt: Witchery
Wallet: Witchery
Sunnies: CUE - Sunglass hut
Flats: Payless shoes

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