19 Feb 2016

WHAT TO WEAR: University or College Lookbook

Back to University for the first week. Whether your heading back to uni or starting at uni for the first time there would be some challenges but an outfit can improve your mood either way. This is why I put together some outfits that would get you through the week. The stigma of being a university/ college student is the typical "too broke to spend this" or "2 minute noodles for days". These are self-explanatory and I hope you get some inspiration, although this is a guide, you can always adapt these outfits to how you normally dress and what season you are in. Let's get on with the first week of outfits!

Monday Morning

This playsuit is a perfect outfit to start off the week with a bang! You don't have to worry about what top would go with those shorts/ pants or vice versa. Playsuits are hands down the most comfiest solution.

Oh don't forget your glasses! I love these so much, the colour and shape is super chic.

Put on your boots and you are ready to conquer your first day. Something about boots just make you feel unstoppable and stylish!


Running out of time, no worries! You have the ideal shift dress from CUE to get you through your lectures and a tutorial. You can thank me later. 

Grab your black back pack and your on your way!


Woo! It's almost the weekend!! 

Who doesn't love a good tee and jeans combo, I know I do. Those afternoon classes that might be a little chilly when heading home, at least you are prepared for anything to come your way. Match it with your favourite pair of flats or sandals.


 I absolutely adore this knit from Bardot. Coming into autumn/winter this will be a lifesaver.


Guess what you made it! Friday at last. This vest turns any old top and pants into a stylish put together look, when I wore this vest the other day I had so many compliments or questions where I bought it from. Definitely a keeper.

Now that you have finished your first week of uni it's time to reflect on what you have learnt. Or dream on what you can wear next week!!

 Let me know in the comments below, what do you study and how long you have left to go?

Kathy x

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