20 Oct 2016

Few Songs to Keep Uplifted

Ever heard a song that places a drop of hope in your heart that sends a sense of peace, reassurance and love through your body, a drop that makes you feel calm no matter what is happening around you.. On the way home this afternoon I was playing my worship music and singing to it like no one was watching me (of course it was late in the evening, no way you could see me unless you were directly at my window - you get the picture).

It's when you turn on your worship music zone out but tune into His presence. I wanted to list a few inspirational songs, to get you along the week.

'Prince of Peace - Hillsong United'

'Transfiguration - Hillsong Worship'

God didn't promise there will be no problem in our life, but that He will be there when they arise. He has never planned for problem and difficulties, but sometimes He allow them to happen because He wants us to become mature by conquering them. And remember two things: He knows our limit, and He is with us through every step of our life, through the good and bad, I know some days it might not look like God isn't listening but He cares for His sons and daughters.
'Kari Jobe - Revelation Song'
'It is well - Bethel Music & Kristene DiMarco'
 I hope you have an awesome day!

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