27 Jun 2013

Back to Basics

Hey guys,  I know building your wardrobe can be tricky; so I thought to write a post to give you all a helping start...

1. Start with basic items, incorporate your own sense of style, your personality will hopefully shine through your outfit.  I guess for me I'm not a girlie girl, or a total tomboy; I love to mix it up. My style has definitely changed since I was a 'tween' in highschool; wearing plain tops, denim shorts, basic jeans & dresses... All thanks to a thing called the INTERNET!

2. Grab some inspiration from anywhere; especially looking through fashion magazines, blogs, celebrities or what people you see everyday are wearing. Don't try to be someone/wear something you don't necessarily like, make it your own.
  • Mix and match patterns
  •  Layer your outfit
  •  Don't be afraid of adding colour to your wardrobe
  •  Be bold and out there! 
  •  Accessorize girl
  • Keep it classy
My essential pieces:
  • Jeans - boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans
  • Playsuits/Jumpsuits
  • Singlets
  • "Baggy" tees
  • Oversized jumpers
  • Shorts - denim, patterned, bright, black "classy ones"
  • Black dresses
  • Blouses
  • Wedges/Boots
  • Flats
  • Skirts - short or long flowy 
  • Maxi dresses
I love that I can accessorize these key pieces with scarfs, jewellery and touch of makeup on my facey...

Keep it Safe
Don't fret, if you are new to make up, (or don't need it, because you are blessed with amazing skin) then just maybe add a touch of nude lippy or something, just to make it a little bit special...
Throw on a basic tee, jeans/shorts/skirt/maxi skirt then layer it up with necklace/s + heels or bangles + earings + heels.

 Black Dress
Why not layer your little/long black dress (who knows, you might not want to show leg) with less jewellery (keep the dress simple) or statement heels (bold patterns, bright colours).
Unless you'd like to dress it down and keep it casual, pair your black dress with an oversized cardigan and flats.

Must have item!
 It keeps an outfit casual or classic
Fits all body types
Pair with high boots/heels
Match a basic tee (baggy or fitted)
To know if jeans will fit - always try them on, whilst in the fitting room, do squats & lunges, this will help to stretch the fabric and will make them fit better.
BIG TIP - make sure the button and zipper is done all the way up AND you can breathe, then you're good to proceed to the check out (hopefully you like them)

T shirts can pull an item together
They are an go-to item, incase you decided there is nothing to wear
Matches with jeans, skirts, shorts etc
Black Heels 
Paired with anything
Appropriate (if the heel is less than 5 inches) for meetings
Must have (I don't necessarily wear these everyday, but I have them as a go-to thing)

Must have item!
Different colours & patterns on the inside/cuffs
Makes an outfit classy

Maxi Dresses
Dramatic - patterns & colours
Go-to item

Casual & Cute
So Comfortable

Basically what I'm trying to say is mess around with your wardrobe, you don't need to go out and buy expensive clothing to look fabulous, (maybe a few pieces, here and there) but you need to be wise and think do I really need these things, or will they sit at the back of my closet...

I'm hoping this kind of helped one of you ladies out there, trying to find a new sense of style and how to own it!

Love Kathy 

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